On taking breaks // I've been thinking a lot about what it means to love to work. What does it mean to love putting your all into the work you do and wanting to spend your time using your valued skillset to progress an initiative you get to be a part of? And what does that mean for your relationship with taking breaks -- going away for the weekend, using all your PTO, or simply slowing down when you know you've been going at it for a little too long?

That is to say, is hustle culture the absence of breaks and the unwillingness/inability to take care of oneself mentally. Or is hustle culture choosing work over life knowing there is no such thing as balance and right now you'd rather be doing meaningful work than meaningless life?

Maybe the answer is in the fact that your work feels meaningful while your life appears meaningless. Or maybe we're all just trying to find the ethical way to live in an unethically capitalist society. Perhaps, this is just the free thinking of a mind fresh off a beautifully fulfilling long weekend break which, in a way, might be all I need to consider in order to answer my lingering thoughts.