Sex Education (funny + cringe-y)
Schitts Creek (funny + cringe-y but in a diff way)
She’s Gotta Have It (a Spike Lee remake!)
Dead to Me (plot twists and suspenseful without being too stressful)
The Politician (Wes Anderson but as a dark comedy)
Sense8 (dystopian with an ensemble cast)
Next in Fashion (project runway but better)
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (for shits and giggles, literally)

Netflix MOVIES:
To All the Boys I Loved Before Vol. I and II (Lana condor is an angel)
Someone Great (the movie that literally skyrocketed Lizzo’s career!)
Dumplin’ (Dolly Parton + strained mother/daughter relationships)
Iliza: Elder Millennial (a standup comedy special)
The Incredible Jessica James (just a good, should-be-classic romcom)
The Lobster (this movie is so polarizing, proceed at your own risk)
FYRE (If you wanna laugh at the Fyre Festival chaos one year later)