candle: Sunday Forever in 11:11

I once believed that Diptyque's Feu de Bois was the end all be all of candles for me. My candle naivety has since ended because I've spent the last 4 months searching for a signature home scent. 11:11 is my second post-Feu de Bois candle (after Gardener by Boy Smells) and first ever Sunday Forever purchase.  Within a week of discovering Sunday Forever, I became obsessed with getting my hands on this perpetually sold out candle.

Once I finally got it, I was more than a bit shocked. I was shamefully unaware of what "fig and wishes" would smell like and, though incredibly beautifully scented, it feels oh so sweater weather-y. The coziness of 11:11 by no means is what I was expecting to accompany my bathing suit clad summer days ,yet I still burn it day after day. The warmth of fig can be comforting when I long to be back in Nashville with friends. It also reminds me of simpler times -- when each morning was about getting to class on time and each afternoon was about Netflix and homework.

Despite 11:11 not being the signature home fragrance I've been searching for, I can't wait to burn this during the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Feu de Bois still holds its number one ranking while Gardener sits steadily in second and 11:11 comes in third as a classic autumn burner. Next on my list is Kitten (which I have such high hopes for) and Ghost Rose, both by Catbird. With any luck, Kitten will become my go-to scent and I'll forever have it burning on my bedside while also wearing the complementary solid perfume.