My Little Obsession: Violet Grey

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I can't believe that it took me so long to finally jump down the rabbit hole that is Violet Grey. Actually, I've never really been a devout reader of magazine-esque beauty blogs. But as it turns out, I have just been cheating myself because Violet Grey is the answer to so many of my beauty dreams. In particular, The Violet Files. Violet Grey presents itself as an online destination for shopping high end beauty while simultaneously discovering the world of beauty. The subsection "The Violet Files" features interviews and how-to's and celebrity beauty routines and pretty much various peeks behind the curtain of the ever-so-exclusive beauty and entertainment industry. 

My obsession with Violet Grey goes even deeper into The Violet Files. I've been binge watching/reading all of Violette's videos/articles on Violet Grey. Violette, the resident "French girl" has her own sub-subsection within The Violet Files where, for the most part, she does fairly average beauty things but somehow makes it 10x cooler. I'm a little ashamed to fall for the "let's all fawn over the cool French girl and be jealous of how effortless she is." I have been so opposed to the glorification of French women in the fashion and beauty industry, but somehow this feels different. Maybe it's her French accent that reminds me of my french professor from freshman year or maybe it's because she has just a little bit of that unconventional beauty that eurocentrism typically lacks. I can't quite put my finger on why I love Violette and Violet Grey as a whole so much, but I do and sometimes things you love don't need an explanation.