4 New Releases To Get Excited About

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The month of May is always littered with product releases and new collections from smaller Indie brands. Because I have way more free time and make more money during the summer, I'm always hyper-aware of the new summer must-haves. However, in between all of the major releases going on there seems to be quite a few gems that are flying under the radar. So Worth Loving quietly came out with a brand new muscle tee in burnt red and I barely heard about it amid Glossier SPF Instagram posts and The Ordinary's serum foundation uproar.

Everyone was so hyped about Milk Makeup's holographic stick coming out in the new shade Mars that they seemed to forget about the new Blur Spray that might just be my knight in shining armor this summer. Asia Jackson raved about how great the Blur Stick is as a primer so I can only imagine that the mist will be perfect for keeping my makeup matte throughout the summer heat.

On that same note, both Ouai Haircare and dropped amazing new products in the shadows of their other highly anticipated releases. Just last month, Ouai came out with its inaugural collection of hair supplements that Jen Atkins and her squad promoted for months leading up to the release day. Then, seemingly out of the blue, Ouai drops their two-in-one Rose Hair and Body Oil. I'm still on my rose scented skincare kick (I just bought Jurlique's rosewater balancing mist) so I've already added it to my wishlist despite my disappointment in their original hair oil.

On May 1st, had their annual, highly anticipated agenda release. Per usual, the covers were amazing and everyone freaked out about just how amazing everything about's agendas is, but what no one seemed to notice was all of the other insanely cool things also dropped that same day. The "Agenda Shop" was filled to the brim with new goods and an entirely new batch of tech accessories and drinkware on the horizon.