Oh-So Amazing Milky Jelly

review, glossier, milky jelly cleanser, phase 1, skin first makeup second, emily weiss, into the gloss
review, glossier, milky jelly cleanser, phase 1, skin first makeup second, emily weiss, into the gloss
The day Milky Jelly was released I vowed not to purchase it until the Clinique cleanser I had bought just three weeks prior had completely run out. But Glossier has this hypnotic ability to make me want to buy everything they make and feel giddy while doing it. 'Twas the reason I broke my vow within 48 hours of making it. Plus, thanks to Tamira Jarrel, I had $5 dollars off and free shipping so it would have been a sin not to order at least one bottle. I have absolutely no regrets because since getting my brand new, glossy bottle of Milky Jelly in the mail I have barely batted an eyelash at my Clinique cleanser that at the time of purchase I thought was a godsend.

This isn't a substitute for a full review, but I think it's worth a penny or two to get just a few quick thoughts about the uber-hyped, crowd-sourced (which is truly an amazing thing!) Glossier cleanser. Because, ya know, sometimes a cleanser is just a cleanser. Luckily, that's not the case with Milky Jelly. I still am a little partial to all of Shiseido's luxe skincare products, but the Milky Jelly formula is an amazing alternative because 1) it is insanely cheaper than anything Shiseido offers, 2) the packaging is right up my alley, as all Glossier products tend to be, and 3) it is so gentle on the skin that it almost feels as if it isn't doing anything until you rinse it off and pat your face dry and see the refreshing results. And as a bonus 4) because of the added rosewater it's reminiscent of the soothing face mist which makes it smell and feel 10x better. I am genuinely shocked at Emily Weiss and Co.'s ability to craft a cleanser that melts away makeup while also gently massaging clogged pores 'til they're squeaky clean. Honestly, Milky Jelly is one of the best Glossier products... maybe even better than the Balm Dotcom. Now that there is another product in their collection that rivals some of the Glossier greats there can officially be a Glossier dream team: Balm Dotcom, Boy Brow, and the newly inducted Milky Jelly! The must haves of Glossier Phase 1.

Photos via Beauty Woo and Damselflavored