Being A Tourist In My Own City

Road Trip Commission for Nylon Magazine March 2014

Traveling around the world is something pretty much everyone wants to do sometime in their life, but more often than not the only time that happens is during a semester abroad in college. I've been lucky enough to travel to several different major cities within the United States and a few around the world, but overall I just like experiencing something new. This summer I moved to Nashville for college and the past three months have been a series of mini adventures of discovery around the city. I didn't move that far from home (especially compared to my roommates who came all the way from New York and Texas) so I'd visited Nashville  before ever having come to college, but even during those trips I had never genuinely explored. I never stood in line at a food truck after a Passion Pit concert in front of a courthouse; I'd never walked through Downtown and The Gulch just to get to an Urban Outfitters; I'd never woken up at 10am on a Saturday to have breakfast at one of the most popular restaurants in Tennessee (or left campus at noon on a Tuesday to eat lunch at another one of the most popular restaurants in the state). Now I won't say those things are regular occurrences for me, by any means, however, little by little I'm adventuring out into the place I now call home (which, with the particular school I go to, is much more difficult than you'd think). Eventually I'll make a list of my favorite restaurants, stores, and interesting things to see/experience in Nashville, but until then I'll keep finding new things to try with my friends while I'm here for the next four years.

Photo via Nylon