Two Ways You Can Shop Small

Shopping small isn't always as expensive as people make it seem. Ethical buying options are practically everywhere and there are so many options that finding something you'd be willing to buy isn't that far of a stretch. Across the world wide web and all of the different brick-and-mortar stores available in your town there are likely several different ways you can shop small, but here are two ways you can support independently owned brands and get cute stuff in an ethical way.

1. Buy clothes and accessories online. Instead of going to, browse Etsy or check you favorite blogs/magazines for brand and website suggestions. Editors and bloggers LOVE talking about different shops and new products. I always check out for shopping ideas to support smaller, indie brands and the editors of Teen Vogue give amazing product advice on Insta and Twitter. Plus, many blogs and magazines use affiliate links so visiting their website suggestions not only support the brand but the blogger/magazine that you suggested it.

2. Shop the clearance rack of your local boutique. I am a sucker for a good sale or clearance rack and my local boutique is probably my #1 spot for amazing clothes for incredible cheap prices. Earlier this year I bought my all time favorite winter jacket that was originally priced at $99 for $5.99 at my favorite hometown store simply because they were having a seasonal sale to make room for their newer S/S 15 collections. The prices in your local boutiques can seem reeaally intimidating at first, but once you find their clearance or sale section you'll never go back to buying full price anywhere.

Photo by Pearls and Pastries