Raves & Rants: Why Doesn't Instagram Have Hyperlinks?!?

I'm going at it again: why doesn't Instagram have hyperlinks in post descriptions yet?!? The last time Instagram got an update I was (and still am) super happy with the Recommended Page in place of the Popular Page. I was hoping they would add the ability to put website links that you can click directly under photos in the caption, but I let it slide because the improvements last time were great. Now that they've had their second update in recent times and made significant changes to what you can do to the photos you upload and even give you recommendations of who else to follow right after you follow certain accounts I would expect them to add such a basic tool. All the fancy pants filters in the world don't matter to me if I can't link directly to a blog post in a picture I upload or click on a link to buy an item I see and really like on Instagram. With the way things are going there should be another major update coming out in the next few months, and if by then you still can't add hyperlinks to photo captions and descriptions I am going to write a formal letter of complaint to the Instagram/Facebook offices... Or maybe just write another ranting blog post about it.