Watercolors For Spring

I'm baaack! I've returned from my much needed exam break and am happy to be back blogging again. Exams are one of the worst times of the semester and they never fail to make me regret all the work and initiative I didn't take earlier in the year. And now that all of that is out of the way I'm ready to celebrate spring break! It's a good thing the winter wonderland we've had this year seems to be coming to an end (now I feel as if there is going to be 3 inches of snow tonight just because I said that) because I have already taken all my comfy winter sweaters to my attic and replaced them with my new, ready to be worn spring wardrobe. Watercolor inspired goods have crept their way into my heart this spring, pushing out the typical pastel themed items. The fluidity and airiness that comes with everything watercolor exudes what I feel Spring 2014 is all about.

1) Balloon Girl iPhone 5c Case,
2) Juicy Couture Office Organizer,
3) Saachi Abstract Watercolor Scarf,
4) Matthew Williamson Blouse,