"For the girls who are redefining glamour by where they shop & the brands they wear"

A Glamorous Revelation is a blog that focuses on supporting small businesses and independently owned brands (think online shops, Instagram sellers, other fashion/lifestyle/beauty bloggers, self-published authors, indie movies etc.) and is written by me, Munachi. After spending practically all of my free time on social media, I discovered that there are a whole lot of small businesses that sell anything you could possibly imagine online and that each brand has its own niche and caters to a particular type of girl. A Glamorous Revelation features several of the different niche businesses that I've discovered and publishes content for every type of girl, whether she's looking for the online store that fits her particular style perfectly or likes a little bit of everything and fits into many different "types" and styles.

You can follow A Glamorous Revelation on Instagram (@GlamorousRevelation_Blog) and Pinterest (@byMunachi) and follow me on Twitter at @byMunachi. If you'd like to write a guest post for or be a regular contributor on A Glamorous Revelation, have your product(s) or shop featured on the A Glamorous Revelation blog, use A Glamorous Revelation as a platform to announce a new product release, or simply drop me a message and say hello email me at collaborate@GlamorousRevelation.com :)

With love,

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