Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Essentials ft. The Chic Machine

4 Summer Pieces to Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Sometimes I forget that I am about to be a junior in college which means I’m expected to make adult decisions and do adult things… and every now and then act like an adult and wear a put together outfit. Most of the time, what I’m wearing falls between just-rolled-out-of-bed, classic, college grunge or completely (but unashamedly) overdressed. Nonetheless, there are still a few pieces I always have in rotation that my wardrobe couldn’t exist without. But instead of just throwing together a Buzzfeed-esque article with random Pinterest pictures and obvious choices (everyone in college wears athletic shorts, we know *rolls eyes*) I’ve collaborated with Dymond from The Chic Machine to create a lookbook with every “must-have” piece. I can’t remember how I happened upon Dymond’s blog over a year ago, but ever since then she’s embodied #BlackGirlMagic so much that I’m a little jealous I wasn’t as cool as she is when I was a senior in high school. You can check out her blog for all the looks that go with my picks below here.
1. A Striped T-Shirt
I hate using the term “must have” because I really don’t think there’s anything that every girl or woman must own. But in college, a black and white striped t-shirt is the sartorial equivalent of killing two birds with one stone because it’s casual enough to be a cool jeans and a t-shirt look for summer, a la Kendall Jenner. But it’s also nice enough that you can wear it under a blazer and look completely professional.
2. A Nice Sweatshirt
I know this may seem ridiculous at first. However, while in college you’re probably going to get a lot of free university t-shirts and hoodies with your school’s mascot on it, and sometimes that’s just not the look you’re going for. Having a cute sweatshirt (think Glossier not Gucci) automatically transforms your study outfit into effortlessly chic athleisure.
3. Denim Shorts You Love
Unless you’re going to school in an area that doesn’t get hotter than 65 degrees throughout the entire year, finding a pair of shorts you love should be on your summer to do list. With the amount of walking you’ll be doing on campus in the August and September heat (on the first day of fall last year it was in the mid-80’s in Nashville) you’re going to want to your favorite summer shorts for your mid-afternoon classes so do yourself a favor and find a pair of go-to denim shorts.
4. A Cute Hat
I’m a little biased because I love wearing hats, but bad hair days do happen. So does waking up 5 minutes before you have to get to class. And “I’m just not feeling it” days where you couldn’t be bothered to plug in a flat iron or pick up a brush. Of course baseball caps (or dad hats, if you’re into trendy rebranding…) are the typically hats of choice, but feel free to pick the style that suites you best. I’m particularly partial to beanies, even during the summer.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Glossier: What I Hate & What I Love

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Glossier (L-R): Haloscope, Cloud Paint, Super Glow, and Rose Balm Dotcom

 Among the many crazy things about the Glossier phenomenon ($10 Million from VCs, the 10,000 person Boy Brow waiting list, the sudden ubiquity of little pink Ziploc bags, etc.) I have come to the conclusion that the craziest thing about Glossier is that everyone who loves Glossier the brand seems to love every. single. Glossier product. That's not to say that there aren't some beauty bloggers out there that are head over heels for their whole lineup; but there's something to be said about the overwhelming and unanimous "We love all Glossier products" feeling I'm getting from the Instagram beauty blogger community. It could be a testament to how Glossier is just that good. However, as someone who's placed well over a dozen orders for a multitude of their products, it seems a little...odd? 

So to turn the tables just a bit, I've decided to write about the best and the worst Glossier products I've tried. I've written several Glossier reviews (Phase 1 + Masks, Milky JellyPhase 2, and the Flavored Balm Dotcoms) so this time around I'm just going to pick the few that fall into the "Love" and "Hate" categories and give a little explanation why. But first, let's be clear -- "Love" doesn't always equal die hard fan (though you could make a pretty good case for Boy Brow) and "Hate" hardly means I've reserved a special place in Hell for the duds. More than anything it's a scale of each product relative to everything else Glossier has to offer.


1. Boy Brow in Black : I can wax poetic about how great this product is, but I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times from a thousand other bloggers. This is the one product I can say that no one is faking it when they say it's amazing. Super easy to use and flawlessly makes your eyebrows look great.

2. Milky Jelly: First and foremost, Milky Jelly is amazing because it's noticeably hydrating. I've come across a fair amount of hydrating cleansers that are really just non-drying cleanser, but Milky Jelly actually moisturizes your face as you massage it in. Also, the texture is perfect for light to medium makeup removal.

3. Cloud Paint in Haze: Mostly, I just think the colors for Cloud Paint in general are spot on. Blush can look quite comical on my dark skin but Haze looks so freaking natural I don't mind the nuisance of dispensing it from a tube. 


1. Generation G in Like: Probably one of my biggest Glossier disappointments because I am such a lip product fiend. Pink lipstick has been the cornerstone of my beauty routine for YEARS so I know a thing or two about what I love and what I don't... And as it so happens, Like is exactly what I don't. It takes a minimum of 5 swipes for a hint of pigment to appear and when it does it's about 10 shades deeper than pretty pale pink the sticker on the bottom purports. 

2. Haloscope in Topaz: I held out on purchasing Haloscope for almost a year only to pick it up from the showroom during my trip to New York. The color payoff and shimmer were so good I was upset I hadn't gotten it sooner. But as it turns out, the unbelievable glow Topaz left on the back of my hand didn't translate to the hollows under my eyes. Over makeup, the balm formula just made me look sweaty and smeared off my concealer with one stroke of the tube.

3. Balm Dotcom in Cherry: The major downfall of Cherry Balm Dotcom is that it lacks so much of the OG Balm Dotcom's appeal -- versatility, no makeup aesthetic, convenience, etc. Unlike the original (or even Coconut and Rose, for that matter) Cherry takes effort. Very minimal effort, mind you, but effort nonetheless which is exactly the opposite of what Balm Dotcom means to me. I can't just grab it and swipe it on while I'm waiting at a red light, I can't rub it on my cuticles after I've done my nails, and I can't bask in my moisturized lips five minutes later because all I'll be thinking about is the overwhelming Lipsmackers smell radiating from the bottom half of my face.

Now it's your turn to tell me about the best and worst Glossier products you've tried because I know I'm not alone in my love for Glossier's best products and disappointment in their let downs. Share your thoughts!

Friday, June 2, 2017

A Fashionista's Reading List: Summer 2017

I came across Big Shots while browsing the Urban Outfitters website and I was excited to see a Polaroid photo book that wasn't riddled with industry insiders that I'd never heard of. Instead, you get both candid and posed photos of fashion and entertainment big names to fawn over. 

Thankfully, "wall scouting" is a thing of the past and we can go back to enjoying urban art without thinking about it as an Instagram backdrop. Street Art displays the most renowned and underrated urban street art from around the world. 

The name says it all -- Dandy Lion: The Black Dandy and Street Style. Street style has become so tired that this might be the only saving grace. It's a new way to view streetwear: through the "black dandy" lens.

The Social Life of Kimono by Joanne B. Eicher
I'm not a fashion history buff, by any means, but I love the story of any iconic piece that has changed the industry. The Social Life of Kimono is particularly amazing because it delves into a piece of fashion history that goes beyond the fashion industry's four walls of New York, Paris, London, and Milan.

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Of course one of the biggest things going on lately is being a Glossier Rep. There's no doubt that I am part of the Glossier (unofficial) Fan Club, so of course I'm hella excited to be a representative of Glossier. And of course there's the new Laneige face mask I bought partially because it feels so incredibly hydrating and partially because it smells like the Gogurts my friends used to have during lunch in elementary school. And it's pink and cute and makes for a good addition to my #topshelfie blah blah blah. But let's not forget that one of my favorite sayings/quotes, "Love is Love is Love is Love" has taken a new form as my newest Ryan Porter purchase. For Pride Month, Ryan Porter sold this limited edition Love is Love bracelet with 50% of the proceeds going towards HRC. Obviously I barely thought twice before adding it to my virtual shopping cart. 
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