Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Summer Pick Me Up

lipstick palette: Finding Ferdinand; perfume: Callio Fragrance c/o
necklace: Little April Showers; greeting card: Tayham
lipgloss: Trust Fund Beauty c/o; nail polish: Trust Fund Beauty in "Blow" c/o

This summer is already showing signs of overbearing heat and long work days. I will be the busiest I've ever been for the next three months and am hoping to find joy in the little things whenever I inevitably feel like I'm going to drown in my responsibilities. So far that has been bubble baths and endless sheet masks (I've indulged in one every night this month...), but I've also found some solace in some long time favorites such as my Finding Ferdinand starter kit and my artwork-as-jewelry hot air balloon necklace from Little April Showers, which closed back in 2015 to my chagrin.

Of course, Trust Fund Beauty always makes an appearance in the summer because Blow, which is no where to be found on their website, is the perfect non-opalescent white nail polish for warmer weather and Pretentious Pout is about as bubble gummy, prep girl pink as they come for a college woman like me who still wishes she could go to summer camp. I'm planning to switch back to Callio Fragrance's "Summer"' scent once the temperature gets into the triple digits, but there's something about Adele that I absolutely love. I've never been more in love with a fragrance since my elementary school days when I begged my mom to repurchase Still by Jennifer Lopez every time I ran out. Also there's something about getting the 5th bottle of your signature scent that makes you feel like a real adult, ya know.