Friday, May 5, 2017

Oldies but Goodies

jour d'automne thermal styling spray, ouai haircare, blogger trends, bauble bracelets, dalmatian jasper
bracelets: Harper Designs, Britter & Jo; hairspray: No. 4

I'm a girl of tradition and a creature of habit which means when I find a product I love that love will likely last a lifetime. Such is the case for my first ever "blogger" purchase -- these dalmatian jasper bauble bracelets from Britter & Jo and Harper Designs. Just a few months into blogging I saw these bracelets on Instagram and became obsessed. After hours of going through endless Instagram hashtag searches, I placed an order in hopes of writing the article that would start the bauble bracelet trend.

As for the hairspray, it came with my graduation gift to myself senior year of high school. I purchased the Cupcakes + Cashmere Birchbox and received this travel size No. 4 thermal styling spray. Thus began my obsession with owning the perfect hairspray. I have yet to find a drugstore strong hold hairspray that doesn't leave my hair offensively crunchy and smells delicious. This has lead to an embarrassing percentage of my paychecks going towards Ouai's medium hold hairspray (which, despite the name, has amazing hold) and lusting after No. 4' s Jour d'Automne Thermal Styling Spray. If any of you have somehow cracked the code and found a good drugstore hairspray that works as well as a luxe hairspray please let me know. I doubt I'll end up buying it but maybe I'll be less willing to drop $30 on my next bottle of hair product if I know there's a $6 bottle sitting on a shelf somewhere in Walgreens.