My Thoughts on Life... & The Tassel Fairy

...Out of the blue, Studio Mucci had a sample sale two weeks ago and now I have two more tassel garlands to add to my collection. The Tassel Fairy is back in business, my friends!

...And of course, Glossier released its new Invisible Shield. The jury's still out for me, but it's not looking too great unfortunately.

...I've been obsessed with skincare Instagirls lately because 1) I'm uber-jealous of their #TopShelfies and 2) I need to find out all of the products that I'll inevitably end up spending my next paycheck on.

...Now that I'm officially on summer break, I've spent every night relaxing in a bubble bath with my favorite candle and a sheet mask.

...Speaking of summer break, this past semester was killer. I'm honestly just happy I made it out in one piece.