What's New // Finding Ferdinand

Finding Ferdinand, The Overnight Palette, The Overshadow Palette, The Rose Palette, custom lipstick, FFGirl, custom makeup
photo by Finding Ferdinand

My custom Finding Ferdinand lipstick has been my go-to for the past year and a half -- yes, I've been using the same amazing shade of lipstick for the last 18 months. I happened upon Finding Ferdinand when their only product was the Starter Kit and customizable lipstick. Since then they've introduced lipstick crayons, which I have yet to try despite my undying love for sheer lip crayons, and mini lipsticks. More recently ,though, they've forayed into all areas of makeup and now have completely customizable makeup palettes. Rather than just going to Finding Ferdinand to create a one of a kind lipstick, you can now put together your own palette with the exact shades and color combinations you want. 

The Overnight Palette, as it's been dubbed, includes your choice of bronzer, blush, highlighter, and eyeshadows in whatever shades you choose. There are literally thousands of possible combinations and each set comes with two double sided brushes for applying each step. However, the fun doesn't stop there. Finding Ferdinand just introduced The Rose and The Overshadow palettes which are completely customizable sets of 6 blushes, bronzers, and highlighters (The Rose Palette) or your choice of 8 matte, metallic, and/or shimmery eyeshadows (The Overshadow Palette). Now you can carry all of your makeup around in one, custom palette and not have to worry about dealing with that one shade of eyeshadow or blush that you know you'll never wear.