Everything You Need To Know About Glossier's Sunscreen

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I know you've heard by now that Glossier is finally releasing its highly anticipated sunscreen this week. News travels fast in this digital world we live in. So fast that I was upset that it took me so long to find out about the new release when I saw the Instagram post 3 hours after it was uploaded (I know. Shameful, right? But I am a millennial and you know how we want everything and we want it all now). The funny thing is that I was already planning on publishing a blog post about Glossier sunscreen this week ,because over the last 18 months there have been so many hints that I knew it was only a matter of weeks (or in actuality, days) until Glossier sunscreen was available for the masses. Invisible Shield, the official name of Glossier's sunscreen, has been a long time coming. Emily Weiss & Co. obviously didn't expect it to take this long to formulate. Comment threads on Into The Gloss have been saying "very soon" in response to sunscreen inquiries for nearly a year. And let's not forget when Invisible Shield was featured in a Cosmopolitan editorial spread last summer before the magazine got wind of the (very, very) delayed launch date. So after two years of waiting, Glossier sunscreen is just days away and here's everything you need to know before it's released.

1. The basics: Emily gave the basic deets about Glossier's new sunscreen on Into the Gloss yesterday. It offers UVA and UVB protection, which is pretty standard. Weirdly enough, it will be a serum formula rather than a lotion in order to give invisible coverage while still being 100% protective. This likely means a price hike, but it also means it will work with all colors and complexions.

2. The ingredients: Unfortunately, Glossier chose a chemical formula over a mineral alternative which means it won't be a "clean" product and if you have ultra-sensitive skin it might cause irritation. On the plus side, however, it's going to be SPF 35 which is a a step up from many makeup SPF's that are typically on the lower side. And yes, pretty much anything above SPF 30 will effectively shield you from the sun's rays so there's pretty much no better coverage you could get.

3. The packaging: This is where the disappointment might come for you Glossier die-hards. The Glossier team decided to deviate from their signature millennial pink packaging and put Invisible Shield in a white and light green cylinder bottle. It feels reminiscent of Drunk Elephant's BabyFacial (but much smaller and no pump) and sticks out like a sore thumb next to all of Glossier's other products.

4. The price: After a little bit of digging (okay, not really but it still took some work) I've confirmed that the price is going to be $34. With the watergel/serum formula you can expect a high quality formula worth the price, but nonetheless you might have to count you coins  before clicking "Add to Cart" because that's a steep price to pay for daily sun protection.