Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The New and Improved #GirlBoss

Sophia Amoruso, #Girlboss, Netflix Original, Girlboss Foundation, Nasty Gal, Nasty Galaxy, Nasty Gal Media
photo by unknown

Nothing says procrastination like binge watching the entire first season of Girlboss in one weekend. I bought #Girlboss, the memoir Netflix's highly anticipated show is based on, in March to read on my trip to NYC and didn't even crack it open once. I've since read about one-third of the half condescending half hilarious retelling of Sophia Amoruso's past, but now that I've watched the show, I don't see myself finishing it any time soon. That's not to say it isn't a worthwhile read (that's also not to say that it is either, though), but it is a little uncomfortable reading a book about a woman who made it to the top of the world mere months after her empire came crashing down. I've tried to shove that itching feeling to the side, but you can't quite shale the awkwardness no matter how hard you try.

 That's why I think Sophia Amoruso's success story goes beyond the Nasty Gal behemoth that once was. What makes her incredible is almost entirely separate from what made Nasty Gal great. Case in point: what has Sophia been up to since the bankruptcy and subsequent closing of Nasty Gal stores? For most other entrepreneurs you'd struggle to answer that question. But since November 2016 (and long before that, too, because a bankruptcy filing doesn't come out of the blue) she has been hustling with her #Girlboss enterprise. Let's talk about Girlboss Media, Girlboss Foundation, the Girlboss Rally, and of course, Girlboss the Netflix show. 

Girlboss as a brand represents what I aspire to be: supporting women, creating content, being a platform for amazing entrepreneurs and artists. The new and improved #Girlboss, the one that goes beyond Nasty Gal, is a summation of what female success really is. Whether it's by donating to the Girlboss Foundation, binge watching Girlboss the show, or just generally being a woman who supports other women, there's no excuse to not be part of the Girlboss movement.