Friday, April 7, 2017

Raves & Rants: Instagram Live

Tamira Jarrel, Instagram Live, How to Use Instagram Live, Social Media

I dread the day social media becomes obsolete. My life seems to revolve around Twitter.  My friendships are sustained via Snapchat. Instagram is the most important aspect of my career. No joke. Those are all true statements. Now that I've finally (and begrudgingly) updated my iPhone I've gotten to experience the wonders of social media's newest technology: Instagram Live. Although I waited until my New York City trip to do an official livestream, I've been drooling over Instagram live videos from Brittany Hampton and Tamira Jarrel for months.

When Snapchat stories came on the scene, I fell in love with the behind the scenes access I got from my friends, family and favorite celebrities. Now that Instagram Live has stepped it up another notch I feel like the next logical step will be me moving into their homes, literally. Live videos on Instagram have such a temporary existence and are so incredibly intimate and unfiltered. More so than a 24 hour Snapchat story or a one-off Twitter Q&A, Instagram Live is an actual door into the hilarious/emotional/glamorous/messy lives of the world. Tamira did a Live video in her kitchen while she was making dinner for her kids. Pause. Let's repeat that: Tamira Jarrel, uber-popular beauty and lifestyle blogger, did a Live video in her kitchen while she was making dinner.  I was literally having a conversation with my favorite blogger while she was chillin' in her house! I asked her about her favorite perfumes -- Replica vs Byredo -- and I watched her unfiltered thought process as she concluded Byredo was the superior choice.