Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pillow Pie

Smith and Cult, Ryan Porter, Nail Polish, Pink, Pillow Pie, nail art, Pink nails

Smith and Cult, Nail Polish, Nail Lacquer, Pink, Glossier PMR, I love NYC, Finding Ferdinand
nail polish: Smith & Cult in Pillow Pie

I believe in loyalty and if there is anything that I'm loyal to it's the perfect pink nail lacquer. I find my comfort in either jet black or pale pink nails. I've been building an arsenal of the best pink nail polishes for something like 5 years now. My impromptu trip to a The Shops at Green Hills (such an amazing place to hang around when the weather is beautiful, by the way) resulted in my inaugural encounter with Smith & Cult, a company I've been wanting to try since it first came to be.

I was more than a little disappointed to find out how pale-as-a-ghost pink this color is, but then I thought about how "CEO boss babe/my nails but better" and professional it looked on me. This lead me to realize my mound of bottles filled with pink nail polish seemed to lack a fashion-over-function nail polish in the color of a Swedish babies' rosy cheeks. That's a weird description of Smith & Cult's signature pink, I know, but I kid you not that is exactly what I think of when I see it. Or maybe a mix of Glossier pink and the color of nude, cotton underwear but a little more pale. You'd think that I hate the color by the sound of my odd descriptions, but I'd have you know that Pillow Pie is on my nails at this very moment and I love it. Maybe even a new nail polish classic...?