Tuesday, April 4, 2017

New York Part III: Laduree Soho

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phone case:  TheCustomCase on Etsy at Laduree

Possibly my favorite part of this whole New York trip was the afternoon we spent at Laduree. Rather than visit the tourist filled Laduree on Madison in the Upper East Side, we ventured a few blocks from the Glossier Showroom and Man Repeller Bazaar (which were literally thirty seconds from each other) to Laduree Soho. 

I'm going to say right here, right now that you will never regret choosing the Soho location over the one on Madison unless you actually like waiting in unnecessarily long lines and witnessing approximately 37 Insta photos being taken per minute. I wouldn't dare describe Laduree Soho as quaint, but the seating is very intimate and the usual patron is a well-dressed, a little snobby, French or Francophile millennial. There are hardly any iPhones in sight and the low rumble of friendly conversations makes you acutely aware that you're in a room full of people who can afford $6 croissants every afternoon. But despite the steep prices I highly recommend going because if nothing else their tea is utterly amazing. I'm not much of a tea drinker, however, my roommate went to the Laduree in Paris and said that their tea could convert anyone. She wasn't lying. I got a whole teapot of Marie Antoinette for only $7 (about 3-4 cups) and oh was it good. I've been trying to buy a box of their Marie Antoinette tea bags since we left (literally... I  called in the Uber back to the hotel) and the easiest way so far would be me buying a plane ticket to Paris and picking one up myself which I briefly considered. If Laduree can convert me, I can almost guarantee you'll fall in love too. 

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