Friday, April 21, 2017

My Little Obsession: Marble Tiles

photos by Tamira Jarrel

Tamira Jarrel can convince me to do anything, including go to Home Depot all the way across town just for blocks of stone. A marble backdrop is (usually) so chic and sleek and put together, which are all things my pretentious self likes to be. Not surprisingly, I don't have any marble in my house or my apartment. But thanks to TJ, who mentioned how easy it is to get marble tiles from a hardware store for blog photos, I now have three different marble tiles to make my desk look "so aesthetically pleasing" and "messy chic," according to all of my friends that see my work space. I can't promise your  desk top will look as cool as TJ's with absurdly priced but so very much worth it perfumes and candles sprawled across her desk top (I long for the day that I get to indulge in a Byredo shopping spree). What I can promise, though, is that you'll feel so chic and even if your layout isn't 110% Pinterest-worthy it'll bump your own perfume/skincare/jewelry/etc. collections up a notch in terms of aesthetic appeal-- which is all that matters anymore, right?