Tuesday, April 25, 2017

24K Classics

Ryan Porter, Pangea Nashville, Custom Jewelry, Friendship Bracelet, pink nails, Smith and Cult, ShopRyanPorter
Ryan Porter, IV Jewelry, Irinia Victoria, Pangea Nashville, Custom Jewelry, Friendship Bracelet, pink nails, Smith and Cult, ShopRyanPorter
bracelet: Ryan Porter; rings: Irina Victoria (ring finger) and Pangea (middle finger)

When I was a kid, my mom wouldn't allow my sisters and I to wear jewelry that wasn't gold. We had our fair share of plastic baubles and barbie barrettes in our play sets, but once we were off to school or church it was serious business. Twenty-four karats or bust. I like to think that's why I have such an affinity for these delicate gold pieces I've collected over the last couple of years.

The first piece of gold jewelry I bought myself was an Irina Victoria rosebud ring. After browsing the interwebs, I stumbled upon their romantic and delicate yet durable designs. I bought the OG rosebud ring for both my sister and myself, and haven't taken mine off in ages. I followed it up a year later with my treasured Ryan Porter gold chain bracelet. I mulled over my personalized message for far too long, but it was obviously worth it since it has become one of my all time favorite gifts. The classy gold chain mixed with the school girl letter beads makes me feel young enough to still consider P.F. Changs a fun night out but adult enough to communicate with my friends via email rather than text.

I was pretty satisfied with my little golden trinkets, wearing them every day like a little girl with a shiny red balloon. Nonetheless at one of the many festivals Nashville has to offer, I came across a little jeweler's boutique with handcrafted gold bands. I opted for a thin, textured 18 karat piece that would put the final touches on my collection of golden masterpieces. And just last month, while wondering around the neighborhood, I stopped by Pangea (a true Nashville gem, if I do say so myself) and picked up a midi ring that sits atop my finger like the crown jewels sit atop the Duchess of Cambridge. Except mine aren't real diamonds. And I'm not heiress. And I don't have millions of precious jewels at my disposal. At least I'll always have my humble stash of golden pieces.