Tuesday, April 25, 2017

24K Classics

Ryan Porter, Pangea Nashville, Custom Jewelry, Friendship Bracelet, pink nails, Smith and Cult, ShopRyanPorter
Ryan Porter, IV Jewelry, Irinia Victoria, Pangea Nashville, Custom Jewelry, Friendship Bracelet, pink nails, Smith and Cult, ShopRyanPorter
bracelet: Ryan Porter; rings: Irina Victoria (ring finger) and Pangea (middle finger)

When I was a kid, my mom wouldn't allow my sisters and I to wear jewelry that wasn't gold. We had our fair share of plastic baubles and barbie barrettes in our play sets, but once we were off to school or church it was serious business. Twenty-four karats or bust. I like to think that's why I have such an affinity for these delicate gold pieces I've collected over the last couple of years.

The first piece of gold jewelry I bought myself was an Irina Victoria rosebud ring. After browsing the interwebs, I stumbled upon their romantic and delicate yet durable designs. I bought the OG rosebud ring for both my sister and myself, and haven't taken mine off in ages. I followed it up a year later with my treasured Ryan Porter gold chain bracelet. I mulled over my personalized message for far too long, but it was obviously worth it since it has become one of my all time favorite gifts. The classy gold chain mixed with the school girl letter beads makes me feel young enough to still consider P.F. Changs a fun night out but adult enough to communicate with my friends via email rather than text.

I was pretty satisfied with my little golden trinkets, wearing them every day like a little girl with a shiny red balloon. Nonetheless at one of the many festivals Nashville has to offer, I came across a little jeweler's boutique with handcrafted gold bands. I opted for a thin, textured 18 karat piece that would put the final touches on my collection of golden masterpieces. And just last month, while wondering around the neighborhood, I stopped by Pangea (a true Nashville gem, if I do say so myself) and picked up a midi ring that sits atop my finger like the crown jewels sit atop the Duchess of Cambridge. Except mine aren't real diamonds. And I'm not heiress. And I don't have millions of precious jewels at my disposal. At least I'll always have my humble stash of golden pieces.

Friday, April 21, 2017

My Little Obsession: Marble Tiles

photos by Tamira Jarrel

Tamira Jarrel can convince me to do anything, including go to Home Depot all the way across town just for blocks of stone. A marble backdrop is (usually) so chic and sleek and put together, which are all things my pretentious self likes to be. Not surprisingly, I don't have any marble in my house or my apartment. But thanks to TJ, who mentioned how easy it is to get marble tiles from a hardware store for blog photos, I now have three different marble tiles to make my desk look "so aesthetically pleasing" and "messy chic," according to all of my friends that see my work space. I can't promise your  desk top will look as cool as TJ's with absurdly priced but so very much worth it perfumes and candles sprawled across her desk top (I long for the day that I get to indulge in a Byredo shopping spree). What I can promise, though, is that you'll feel so chic and even if your layout isn't 110% Pinterest-worthy it'll bump your own perfume/skincare/jewelry/etc. collections up a notch in terms of aesthetic appeal-- which is all that matters anymore, right?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Nashville, Provence Bread and Co, nashville Cafe, Bluebird Cafe, Tennesee, Music City, Hillsboro Village

nail polish: Marc Jacobs; sunglasses: local boutique; food: Provence Bread and Cafe

Oh ,Nashville, how I love thee. The food, the beautifully delicious food. Hillsboro Village, one of the many Nashville neighborhoods I enjoy spending my weekends in, has the amazing Provence Cafe literally across the street from the famed Pancake Pantry. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why tourists spend hours in line waiting for a buttermilk stack when there is the best French cafe Nashville has to offer just a few feet away. The coffee selection gives everyone a little something to enjoy and the french menu makes my little french-loving heart pitter patter with glee. My last visit featured an Anchor Down cappuccino and a decadent croque monsieur supplemented with leafy greens. I held out on the macarons since I was days away from visiting the Laduree in New York City, but I'm not gonna say I don't regret that decision. The seating inside is admittedly cramped (so be warned if you're going with a party of four or more) and I've never tried their cold products in the deli display by the door. But, I can hardly imagine the Provence my friends and I know and love serving anything short of a cute, delicious French inspired meal within their intimate four walls. 

I mean, I'm not going to tell you that you have to go to Provence if you're ever in Nashville's Hillsboro Village. But, I will say that if you ever find yourself waiting in an offensively long line for pancakes and happen to see a French cafe across the street you might want to consider crossing that street...

Friday, April 14, 2017

There's Only One Ouai

Ouai Haircare, Feu de Bois, Diptyque, Beauty, Jen Atkins, Kendall Jenner Hair, Kodak
candle: Diptique; hair spray: Ouai Haircare; hair lotion: Ouai Haircare; camera: Kodak

It's no secret that I have commitment issues with hair. Because of my fleeting hairstyles, it can be hard to commit to any hair product that isn't an amazing hair oil (which is always useful). Nevertheless, I bit the bullet and dove into the luxurious pond that is Jen Atkin's hair care line. If you didn't already know, Jen Atkin is a celebrity hairstylist that is responsible for the many looks of both Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen as well as the entire 2016 Victoria's  Secret Fashion Show in Paris. Jen followed her entrepreneurial itch and released a streamlined line of products, Ouai Haircare, that creates the effortless, model off-duty, "I woke up like this" look.

My first Ouai purchase was a full sized bottle of Finishing Creme with the hope that I'd never have to straighten my roots in the morning ever again. I guess it goes without saying that my flat iron is still in rotation, but it's only working part time now thanks to this sinfully priced, but oh-so amazing hair lotion. Half way (ouai?) through the bottle I purchased the Style Edit set with a mini Wave Spray, Texturizing Hair Spray, and Finishing Creme along with a little to-go pouch of hair ties. I was unimpressed with the Wave Spray which is almost undoubtedly because my hair is not real and I don't wash it nearly enough. On the flip side, I've been saving the mini Finishing Creme until the (very sad) day when I use the last drop of the full size. I didn't hate the Texturizing Hair Spray, so there's that. But I also am not sure I'd buy the full size because even if my hair looks like Jen Atkins did it herself, $26 is a bit of a stretch.

In fact, if I'm being honest, I really like the THS; especially for when I have brand-spanking-new, super sleek extensions that need to look a little more lived in. But when it came to buying a full sized bottle, I decided to try the Medium Hair Spray instead. Mostly because it's the strongest "medium hold" hair spray I've ever come across, but also because I can use it to texturize my hair and make my roots lay flat all day which has been my goal since Ouai purchase numero uno. Having smooth roots throughout the day seems to be the ultimate hair goal of mine? Question mark because I didn't actually realize this until three weeks ago when Jen did a tutorial on her Snapchat using Matte Pomade and the Hair Oil when styling Chrissy Teigen's roots. You better believe that I took a bus to Sephora and spent $52 on Ouai Matte Pomade and Hair Oil the very next day. I'm ashamed, yes. Buuut it hasn't not worked yet and I haven't given it enough time to prove it doesn't not not work. Only time will tell, as the saying goes.

Until then, someone please stop me from purchasing the Repair Conditioner and Shampoo because I am currently testing them out and they also haven't not not worked yet but they also haven't not worked either. Send help.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pillow Pie

Smith and Cult, Ryan Porter, Nail Polish, Pink, Pillow Pie, nail art, Pink nails

Smith and Cult, Nail Polish, Nail Lacquer, Pink, Glossier PMR, I love NYC, Finding Ferdinand
nail polish: Smith & Cult in Pillow Pie

I believe in loyalty and if there is anything that I'm loyal to it's the perfect pink nail lacquer. I find my comfort in either jet black or pale pink nails. I've been building an arsenal of the best pink nail polishes for something like 5 years now. My impromptu trip to a The Shops at Green Hills (such an amazing place to hang around when the weather is beautiful, by the way) resulted in my inaugural encounter with Smith & Cult, a company I've been wanting to try since it first came to be.

I was more than a little disappointed to find out how pale-as-a-ghost pink this color is, but then I thought about how "CEO boss babe/my nails but better" and professional it looked on me. This lead me to realize my mound of bottles filled with pink nail polish seemed to lack a fashion-over-function nail polish in the color of a Swedish babies' rosy cheeks. That's a weird description of Smith & Cult's signature pink, I know, but I kid you not that is exactly what I think of when I see it. Or maybe a mix of Glossier pink and the color of nude, cotton underwear but a little more pale. You'd think that I hate the color by the sound of my odd descriptions, but I'd have you know that Pillow Pie is on my nails at this very moment and I love it. Maybe even a new nail polish classic...?

Friday, April 7, 2017

Raves & Rants: Instagram Live

Tamira Jarrel, Instagram Live, How to Use Instagram Live, Social Media

I dread the day social media becomes obsolete. My life seems to revolve around Twitter.  My friendships are sustained via Snapchat. Instagram is the most important aspect of my career. No joke. Those are all true statements. Now that I've finally (and begrudgingly) updated my iPhone I've gotten to experience the wonders of social media's newest technology: Instagram Live. Although I waited until my New York City trip to do an official livestream, I've been drooling over Instagram live videos from Brittany Hampton and Tamira Jarrel for months.

When Snapchat stories came on the scene, I fell in love with the behind the scenes access I got from my friends, family and favorite celebrities. Now that Instagram Live has stepped it up another notch I feel like the next logical step will be me moving into their homes, literally. Live videos on Instagram have such a temporary existence and are so incredibly intimate and unfiltered. More so than a 24 hour Snapchat story or a one-off Twitter Q&A, Instagram Live is an actual door into the hilarious/emotional/glamorous/messy lives of the world. Tamira did a Live video in her kitchen while she was making dinner for her kids. Pause. Let's repeat that: Tamira Jarrel, uber-popular beauty and lifestyle blogger, did a Live video in her kitchen while she was making dinner.  I was literally having a conversation with my favorite blogger while she was chillin' in her house! I asked her about her favorite perfumes -- Replica vs Byredo -- and I watched her unfiltered thought process as she concluded Byredo was the superior choice.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

New York Part III: Laduree Soho

Laduree, macarons, NYC, Laduree Soho, Laduree Madison, Marie Antoinette Tea, marble phone case
phone case:  TheCustomCase on Etsy at Laduree

Possibly my favorite part of this whole New York trip was the afternoon we spent at Laduree. Rather than visit the tourist filled Laduree on Madison in the Upper East Side, we ventured a few blocks from the Glossier Showroom and Man Repeller Bazaar (which were literally thirty seconds from each other) to Laduree Soho. 

I'm going to say right here, right now that you will never regret choosing the Soho location over the one on Madison unless you actually like waiting in unnecessarily long lines and witnessing approximately 37 Insta photos being taken per minute. I wouldn't dare describe Laduree Soho as quaint, but the seating is very intimate and the usual patron is a well-dressed, a little snobby, French or Francophile millennial. There are hardly any iPhones in sight and the low rumble of friendly conversations makes you acutely aware that you're in a room full of people who can afford $6 croissants every afternoon. But despite the steep prices I highly recommend going because if nothing else their tea is utterly amazing. I'm not much of a tea drinker, however, my roommate went to the Laduree in Paris and said that their tea could convert anyone. She wasn't lying. I got a whole teapot of Marie Antoinette for only $7 (about 3-4 cups) and oh was it good. I've been trying to buy a box of their Marie Antoinette tea bags since we left (literally... I  called in the Uber back to the hotel) and the easiest way so far would be me buying a plane ticket to Paris and picking one up myself which I briefly considered. If Laduree can convert me, I can almost guarantee you'll fall in love too. 

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