Friday, March 31, 2017

New York Part II: The Glossier Showroom

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Glossier, Emily Wiess, Holiday Collection, Phase 2, New York City, Glossier Showroom, Lafayette New York, Into The Gloss
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One of the best parts of my trip to New York was visiting the Glossier showroom and internally freaking out about being in such a ~chic~ place. First of all, if you live in the New York area and haven't been to the Glossier showroom yet, you are absolutely ridiculous and need to spend your next free afternoon on the corner of Lafayette and Canal Street testing blushes and concealers and cleansers and face mists. No inch of the intimate space is wasted with the pale pink walls and giant mirrors. In the back corner was a mermaid-esque "bathroom" where you could get comfortable and try on Glossier's face masks and cleanser. Jars lay sprawled open and lipsticks stood upright in little compartments as if we were in the Glossier production factory testing all of the products.

Of course, I visited just one week after the Cloud Paints had been released and got a chance to try out Beam and Haze (the two I was deciding between) and Puff (just for kicks) before getting in line to purchase my fourth tube of Boy Brow in Black and Haloscope in Topaz. I'd been holding out on Haloscope for a while, hoping that I would have a chance to see how it would look/apply on my skin with my makeup routine. If nothing else, the showroom is the perfect place to try out any Glossier product you're mildly curious about before pulling the trigger and forking out the cash for it. I ended up loving the Topaz Haloscope (way more pigmented than I was lead to believe) and added it to my IRL basket before checking out.

With the brand new Cloud Paint in mind, I had already planned on purchasing at least one color when I stepped into Glossier paradise. However, I was not prepared for how crazily pigmented it would be or how incredibly long lasting it was. The tubes are sold in mere 0.3oz portions, but so little goes a long way that I see this little guy lasting me months. Haze was the perfect shade for my skin tone (on darker skin it appears in the perfect blush-y pink rather than the deep plum/burgundy it seems to be when you squeeze it out) and blended out so well that I am almost worried that I'll end up wasting product almost every time I use it if I don't master the art of the delicate bottle squeeze.

I used my trio of products for the rest of the trip and haven't stopped using them since. I am still awed by how long lasting the Cloud Paint is while I'm still navigating how to use my Haloscope tube. If only I could go back and plant myself in front of a showroom mirror for hours practicing.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New York Part I: Manhattan

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Unless you're going skiing, snow and frigid temperatures are not what you typically think of when someone says "spring break". Nonetheless, a few weeks ago I headed to New York City for a five-day excursion in one of the world's most infamous cities. I must confess that this trip was less about being a tourist or even experiencing The City in its truest form, boroughs and all. When planning our trip, my friends and I pretty much just said that we want to go and do the things we want to do without the pressure of seeing all the sights or making sure we get the true essence of what New York is about. Naturally, this meant we were in Manhattan for the duration of our trip, but that hardly means we spent our days wondering Times Square or perusing city passes. 

Over the five days, we did a lot of ultra-touristy things like taking pictures in Central Park and making an obligatory trip to The Met. However, our trip was full of haphazardly planned adventures and genuinely fun NYC experiences. We saw the Statue of Liberty by accident, we saw the Little Girl with the Wall Street Charging Bull that was erected for International Women's Day; I fawned over my everlasting love for modern art at MoMA; we (semi-successfully) tried to sneak into Hamilton... you know just the usual stuff. But we also went to a hidden pizza shop in the Financial District, wondered around the cutest dessert shop filled to the brim with elderly ladies in Chinatown, and visited the Man Repeller Bazaar at the Canal Street Market. A few of my favorite parts of the trip are going to be subjects of their own blog posts in the coming weeks so be prepared to here about all of the shopping I did and the amazing tea I had because I'm still reliving those amazing moments.