Friday, January 13, 2017

Style Envy: Janelle Monae

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Janelle Monae is a goddess. I have loved her since her style exclusively featured black tuxedos and a poofy, afro faux hawk/reverse mullet. Her style never wavered and even from the beginning was so integral to who she was as a musician. In the most recent years, Janelle Monae has pivoted to face the ever changing styles of Hollywood without losing her classically mod identity. She always looks stunning with a touch of brightness in the twinkle of her eyes or the color of her lips. Accessories mustn't be over the top to make you feel the tingly feeling only a great "lewk" can. As much as I appreciate how iconic Lady Gaga was circa 2008 and the greatness that is each and every extravagant red carpet event, there will always be a place for women who remain 100% true to their signature style. 

Flouncy pussy bows and topknot pigtail buns -- original? no. undeniable stylish? always. There are very few people who can toe the line of musician and actress without succumbing to mediocrity at one or the other. Janelle Monae not only navigates her career like a trapeze artist, she has a style persona so definite that she cannot be considered anything less than a triple threat. Gorgeous women who wear gorgeous clothing and have amazing talent while proving to be incredible activists will (hopefully) never go out of style. If only I looked that good in a white button down shirt dress, I could truly conquer the world.