Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Fashionista's Reading List: Winter 2017

fashion design, Conde Nast coffee table book, nasty women, feminism, fashion school, design research

The Fashion Design Reference & Specification Book by Jay Calderin and Laura Volpintesta
Firstly, this book was co-written by professors at Parson's New School of Design and The School of Fashion Design in Boston so it's safe to say that its contents will be far from fluff, as so many fashion books seem to be. Let this serve as your guide for executing the everyday tasks of being a designer -- from conceptualizing a collection to selling it to buyers and consumers. 

This is for the average joes and janes like you and me who don't get to vacation at the most beautiful locations while staying in the most picturesque hotels. Condé Nast has done us a favor and chronicled the chicest places celebrities like Kate Moss and Jeremy Iron rest their eyes in while abroad. 

This is where aesthetics and feminism collide. Watercolor illustrated portraits splatter the pages and are accompanied by snippets about the lives and careers of 100 amazing women throughout the world's history. Marie Curie, Joan Jett, and Aphra Behn all make cameos along with several more women who I wish I would've learned about sooner.

Fashion Design Research by Ezinma Mbonu
Just like any other field of study, fashion design requires a great deal of research. In a day and age where people substitute a fashion degree with an Instagram following and consider Pinterest searches "research", this book takes it back to where the artistry and academic side of fashion is. It can be used as an extensive FAQ for your questions about what and how to do fashion research, or it can be a reference manual to help you when you get stuck during the fashion research you've already done.