Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Steal Time Back

My blog has evolved at least a thousand times since I first brainstormed ideas back in 2013. But the most modern version of A Glamorous Revelation came about by hours of Instagram stalking. I discovered the underground world (lol) of ultra-small businesses and their product filled Instagram profiles. The first brand I fell in love with was Tiny Time Machines -- now called Steal Time Back -- that opened my eyes and wallet to the dark depths of small business online shopping.

When I bought my "watch", Steal Time Back was all about the symbolism of being here now. However, they've grown to encompass more than just a symbol of mindfulness and now sell legitimate watches with their signature "now" logo. So while you look down at your wrist throughout the day, you can be reminded to live in the moment while also knowing what time you're actually living in. Dual functionality as they say. There is a certain type of convenience and irony with finding the time on the same device you find peace in timelessness.

I bought my NOW watch as a quirky fashion statement, but it ended up turning into a reminder of mindfulness and self-care. I am still a little insane when it comes to trackimg time and making overly meticulous daily schedules.  But I rarely wear a real watch anymore, I care more about the experience than the minutes ticking by, and I barely realize that I'm wasting the day away when I'm lying in bed on the weekends. So now is a perfect time (no pun intended) to invest in brand new tech from Steal Time Back.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Pinspiration: Over The Beauty Counter

Unfortunately and fortunately I do not have a beauty identity. I change my hair almost every week from long to short or from box braids to tight ringlets. That's why I am so unhealthily dependent on my ever-changing beauty pinboard "Over The Beauty Counter." The one thing that is constant, though, is that I love a good pink lip and smooth, slightly disheveled hair.  I absolutely don't wear eyeshadow, no matter how creamy or luxurious the formula is, but I will always fawn over a good eyeshadow look on Pinterest. And if I happen to come across a bada$$ braid or two those will probably be added to the collection as well. The pastel colored hair and gypsy hair accessories are just a bonus. Maybe one day I will grow out of my spidery eyelash obsession and mature into a truly no-makeup makeup look. Until then, I'll stick with foxy makeup tutorials for my next themed frat party.

To see more of my favorite beauty looks from Pinterest check out my "Pinspiration: Beauty" or follow either of my beauty boards "Over The Beauty Counter" and "Salty Hair, Don't Care" on Pinterest. 
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