Friday, October 21, 2016

Style Envy: Emily Schuman

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The common thread between every L.A. blogger is their immense lack of realistic winter style. Leandra Medine (a New York blogger through and through) always shares the oppressive blanket winter inevitably lays on top of her personal style. Anyone outside of perpetually sunny Los Angeles has to spend the winter deciding between warmth and style. That usually means that I'm stuck swaddled in blankets while I scroll through L.A. based blogs like Cupcakes and Cashmere saying a paper thin sweater and a stylistically draped windbreaker are "winter essentials."

Nonetheless, Emily Schuman and her peers' winter style is not a completely lost cause. I absolutely love Emily's winter outfits for the early days of fall when it's fifty-five degrees when I leave my apartment and somehow transforms to eighty degrees by lunch. Her eclectic take on classically chic style represents the ethos of personal style while still remaining adult-y and professional -- my new goal since I'm going to have to be a real adult living in the real world soon enough. But even before I attempted to become an adult, the undeniably "Emily" aesthetic in every Cupcake and Cashmere outfit was inspirational as much as it was inspiring. Red stripes and leather skirts seem innocent enough until you try and pull them off. Grey velvet heels and a sprawling messy bun are not easy trends to wear either, yet here we are. Even if this bipolar weather doesn't last long, at least I'll have the likes of Emily Schuman and her fellow L.A, bloggers to inspire me while they can.