Tuesday, October 18, 2016


prints: Daydream Prints

I wouldn't call the humble arrangement of artwork in my apartment a gallery wall in front of an interior designer, but I am rather proud of my little collection of pretty prints. Throughout the past couple of years I've added and taken away from my gallery wall's many incarnations. Recently I did an entire revamp of my artwork selection and layout creating a whole new aesthetic above my work space. I kept many of my original prints from the now defunct Etsy shop, Macarons and Peonies, as well purchased a few new colorful pieces inspired by the work of Andy Warhol (rather demure Andy Warhol, if we're really being honest). But most notably, I've adding several of my favorite greeting cards from Daydream Prints and converted them into mini wall prints. I chose You're Beautiful and Find Your Tribe from the newest collections and Love Letter #2, my all time favorite from in DP history. I spent an ungodly amount of time converting each one and then placing them just right within my gallery wall. I mean, it was all worth it because I've been in love with the results ever since I put them up about two months ago, but the moments of regret come when on wonder to DaydreamPrints.com and see what new things it has to offer.

Daydream Prints make amazing greeting cards -- perfect for sending notes AND hanging on walls -- but what I wasn't expecting was for the Daydream Prints team to drop a whole collection of ready made 8 x 10 art prints that are just as amazing as its card selection. The realization happened in several steps starting with me seeing a subtle promo pic on Instagram and ending with my jaw dropping when I saw that Daydream Prints now sells actual prints and that they are simple yet bold yet sophisticated. And did I mention they're only $20?? I can try to convince myself that I'll soon be able to afford the hundreds of dollars worth of art that hangs on the gallery walls of real adults (i.e. non-college students/young adults) but c'mon. Instead of draining my wallet for all it's worth, I can get a bonafide gallery wall for the price of a single piece of uber-sophisticated artwork. I am already trying to visually incorporate my favorites, ADVENTURE, Two Cacti, and Lovely, into my pre-existing gallery wall so that once I order them they will already have a place to go and be as aesthetically pleasing as possible as they hang from my inspiring little piece of wall.

Photos by Daydream Prints