100% Boys' Tears

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phone case: 100% Boys Tears by Valfre

I'm sure you've seen one or two (or ten) of Valfre's hauntingly quirky illustrations floating around on whatever social media apps you peruse. Her artwork has been floating around Pinterest, Instagram, and We Heart It for years and she's been featured in both Nylon and Teen Vogue (and probably others) within the last few months. Lately, Valfre has been releasing more and more clothes for her namesake clothing line and I've been crying silent tears wishing I could buy everything. I've come to terms with my attraction to pretty much anything with a cheeky phrase on it (i.e. everything Valfre has ever created). I have a collection of hats, t-shirts, jewelry, office supplies and even drinkware with snarky sayings on them. But one of my all-time favorite cheeky, kitschy accessories I own is my 100% Boys Tears iPhone case by Valfre. I had one for my iPhone 5 that I just got rid of and now have a brand new one for my iPhone 6. It's my fail-safe conversation starter when I'm in a crowd of people and makes for some really quirky, cute Insta pictures on top of just being the perfect phone case for my personality. The phone case itself is rather wide, preventing me from ever putting my phone in my pocket ever again, but honestly, why would I want to hide this piece of female empowered humor? There are always sacrifices you have to make in order to be great.

If cartoonish milk cartons are not your cup of tea, there are plenty of other fun phone cases on Valfre's website. Other popular designs include her Chill Pill cases in pastel pink or blue, Bruno 3D black cat case, and her Rose Coffin case with an old-fashioned telephone antenna. And of course, there are a few plain jane cases with illustrations of plants, lipstick tubes, and the like for those of you who'd rather not make a statement every time you pull your phone out. Not everyone communicates through tech, but even still there's something about a Valfre iPhone case that will always turn heads.

Photo by Valfre