Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Glossier Dilemma

Let's talk about the elephant in the room, shall we?

Glossier. -- Brain child of the ever-creative Emily Weiss and cult favorite of anybody who's anybody in the beauty fanatics world. Also, one of the few brands whose entire product line was something I could get excited about, Literally, every. single. product. (yes, even the ultra sheer perfecting skin tint). But then there's that irking feeling in the back of my mind... The venture capitalists. A Glamorous Revelation is a blog and brand that's entire ethos is based on supporting independent brands and small businesses, yet one of the brands I support and feature the most isn't technically a small business. It doesn't have grassroot beginnings and it isn't a little start-up housed in the back of someone's basement. Glossier is a full fledged, corporate funded business. But what Glossier is not, is a corporate giant outsourcing all of content creating and creative concepts. They aren't an office of 500 employees who aren't even sure who the "Glossier girl" is.

So then how do we classify Glossier? I'm not quite sure yet. I feel a little icky covering Glossier as if it's just a homegrown company like many of the other brands I feature. But I also recognize that in a lot of ways Glossier is much closer to a small business than a corporate power house. And not to mention, I love their products and have loved watching them grow from a company of four products to an entire brand. But everything's also complicated by the fact that Emily Weiss and her team have treated Glossier like it's a really small company when in reality it isn't. It's not that I feel lied to constantly, but sometimes I wish we were all more honest about Glossier as a company, not just a brand. And when I say we I definitely include the people who work at Glossier, not just the bloggers like me that cover them or the consumers like you who use their products. Right now Glossier is growing so it's hard to classify. But, as it gets bigger we're going to have to really confront who and what Glossier is. For now, I'm just going to enjoy the new Supers and patiently wait for their next release.