Friday, September 16, 2016

Pinspiration: Bag Snob

Now that I'm in college I'm struggling to find uses for the many, many, purses I own. Most days I just grab my bright lavender Herschel backpack and my wallet before rushing out the door, so there isn't a real need for me to carry another bag everyday when I'm already weighed down by the one that's carrying all of my books. However, this somehow doesn't stop me from still obsessing over some of the cutest bags on Pinterest and buying more purses that will enjoy their lifetime sitting on my closet shelf. And in my defense, even though I have no daily demands for a new purse, I've been delving into the world of "the perfect going out clutch." I may not need a giant tote bag, but whenever I'm going to an evening event there's always an opportunity to use a cool clutch to accent my outfit. That's why this set of pinspirations is a tad clutch heavy. I will always be fawning over large satchels and eccentric cross-body bags, but clutches have become the most reasonable handheld accessory for me in college.