My Thoughts On Life... and Kanye vs. Taylor

.... Year 2 of the great college adventure has started and I'm equal parts psyched and nervous.

.... There are a ridiculously amazing amount of new products coming from my favorite companies. I am actually giddy with anticipation. Keep your eyes peeled for more Callio Fragrance, Finding Ferdinand, and Glossier on the blog soooon.

.... I kept with my I AM VERY BUSY tradition and bought the medium sized, ice blue version from last month. From the OG blue and gold, to the pale pink of yesteryear, and now we're here.

.... My lifeblood this summer was all the Kimye vs Taylor Swift drama. Fellow Team Kimye members, where y'all at?

.... AGR now has its own Facebook page that I'm obsessed with. After all the social media I've been doing for years, I don't know why I held out so long for Facebook because it is by far the easier platform for bloggers.

.... I officially have more Balm Dotcom than I could every consume in a lifetime. I just bought my 10th tube and I'm a little ashamed.