Tuesday, September 13, 2016

4 New Releases To Get Excited About {September}

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Every year there are so many new releases in fall because that's when the fashion industry decides to reset itself and start anew; the New Year's of fashion and beauty, if you will. For those of you who love the It factor and extravaganza of New York Fashion Week then September means submerging yourselves in a pool of instant runway coverage via Snapchat (r.i.p. Style.com) while you wait for your favorites to drop next spring. For me, someone whose eye is always on the artistic works of the small business sector, September is the month of new product, new product, new product.

Glossier released its newest masterpiece yesterday -- The Supers -- which have been formulating for months. I ordered Super Glow from between the sheets of my bed 1 hour after they'd been released and am now patiently waiting for the opportunity to put my "skin first, makeup second." But, does that mean I am any less obsessed with Finding Ferdinand's newest goodies. The lipstick minis were just released a few weeks ago and have won my heart over. I've created three customer colors already and have an #FFGirl minis collection that's already five deep. Keeping with the theme of mini beauty, both Callio Fragrance and Ouai Haircare dropped collections with mini versions of their bestselling products. Ouai, the hair care brand created by the hair styling goddess Jen Atkins of Kardashian fame, now has its super luxe hairspray, mousse, and hair treatments for half the size and a fraction of the cost. Even when you're just headed to your parents house for the weekend, with the sleek grey packaging and rich formulas you'll feel like you're traveling in style. And while you're on your little weekend trip you can also spritz your favorite scent without having to use up valuable space in your bag or risk TSA confiscating your full size bottle. Callio Fragrance has graced us with the perfect mini spray bottle that we've always needed but never had. Today, Callio Fragrance added a .33oz spray bottle of all its perfumes to complete the trio of perfu-mania -- full size, rollerball, and now mini spray bottle. To add to the hype, there's also a 30% off anniversary sale going on at CallioFragrance.com right now so there really is no excuse to not get your favorite perfume.