Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Instafamous // Barbie Style

In a social media driven world, I don't know why I'm shocked that one of the most influential people in the world has a style blog inspired Instagram account. With all of the hate that has circled around Barbie for years, I'm glad to finally be able to join a community of people who still think she's as bada** as it gets. I used to feel like the lone soldier among Barbie's seemingly infinite number of haters. But now, as I turn that blue button green, I become one of 1.5 million people who support the incredibly well-dressed OG It girl and her gang.

The best part of @BarbieStyle isn't Barbie's seamless transition into the ultra-modern world of oversharing, but that she is posing in front of chic street vendors and well-known monuments; she's always adorned in accessible stylish clothing, and she is featured with so many of her friends in various shapes, sizes, skin colors, and hair types. Quite honestly Barbie, the girl who as been badgered for decades about her unrealistic and unhealthy promotion of a single beauty standard, has the most diverse social media presence of any "influencer" I've come across. And rather than tout the diversity with body encouragement hashtags and snarky comments that shut down the years of hate she's received, it goes practically unmentioned. It's treated as if it's the norm. Barbie doesn't have to brag about having a friend with a head full of dreads or explain why she and her friends don't all have the same size 4 waistline. It just is. She lives the life that I wish we all could live -- stylish, filled with friends, and representing all of the different people we're surrounded by without judgment or insecurities. 

Photos via Instagram.com/BarbieStyle