Friday, August 12, 2016

I Would Like To Thank The Academy

Wildfox's aesthetic is beyond dreamy. Even more so than the kitschy LA girl loungewear they sell, I am incredibly inspired by the photography and artistry of the Wildfox brand. The Fall 2016 lookbook tells the story of the classic school girl motif and the modern #squadgoals. Each piece of the puzzle fits together to create the all-powerful girl gang. -- At the peak of your elementary school reign "ruling the school" was all the talk. The newest and brightest light up shoes, the sparkliest glitter headband, and the most bedazzled bootcut jeans were unspoken prerequisites to sitting atop the throne. Now as a twenty-something you're fighting to keep that throne beneath your buttocks by shifting your priorities from the most glittery get-up to the sophisticated yet spritely ensembles of Beverly Hills. Gone are the the childish jokes of yesteryear. You now embody the tongue-in-cheek humor of Amy Schumer and Chrissy Teigen... Maybe with a little bit of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler banter thrown in for good measure. However, despite your journey to 21st century's #girlboss-dom you've still somehow managed to transport us back to the extravagance of Marie Antoinette with her ladies in waiting. Classic yet modern, indeed. A true signature of the Wildfox aesthetic.