Everything You Need To Know Before You Start Your Freshman Year

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I'm no psychic, but I do know that you googled every last thing you could think of about what you need to know about college because that's what everyone does. You have to make sure you've read every checklist that says "don't forget shower shoes!" (verryy repetitive, but very true) and studied every bit of advice that says "you and your roommate probably won't become besties" (also repetitive, but much less true). College advice for incoming freshman is very, VERY marketable and we're almost guaranteed that you'll read it because you want to be absolutely prepared for the next four (or more!) years of your life.

But even with all of the information you can find from a basic Pinterest or Google search, there's still a dozen things no one will ever tell you. Why? I have no idea. But what I do have is a few articles about the different things in college that were either never mentioned to me, not mentioned to me enough, or totally misrepresented when I was reading all of those happy-go-lucky back to school Pins. This isn't an exhaustive list of everything you should know before the first day of class; it's a supplemental list that fills in all the gaps every other list left empty so that your meticulous research combines into a compartment of knowledge of everything you need to know before freshman year officially starts.

1) Postmates will be your best friend. Every school's meal plan is different, but this super cheap delivery service is perfect for impromptu food cravings and has sooo many free food offers. Plus you get $10 off your first delivery with the code J7FRX!

2) There will still be drama, period. I was always told that once you're in college you leave all the petty high school drama behind. Let's just say you will still be screenshotting texts and spilling some tea in college.

3) College is hard. Like, really hard. Study for every test and quiz, do your homework, and for goodness's sake ASK FOR HELP.

4) You don't have to be a broke college student. Just don't buy all of the ridiculous things you think you need, like fancy detergent or a $50 all purpose Swiffer (you're probably not that dirty).

5) Just be nice. To your roommate. To your TAs. To the people who work in your dining hall, It will make a world of difference one day, I promise. 

6) Be smart about going to events/parties. ALWAYS charge your phone before hand, NEVER go to or from the event/party location alone, and SOMETIMES there will be times you feel uncomfortable while other times you'll feel adventurous but never make a decision without thinking it through to some extent. These sound obvious, but you will ignore each one of these sometime throughout your freshman year so they are worth repeating a thousand times.