Tuesday, August 16, 2016

5 Podcasts For Every Commute

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Coffee with Dani: Wanna have coffee with some of the best underground entrepreneurs in London and New York? Transcontinental blogger and girl gang supporter Dani sits down with movers-and-shakers each week to talk about entrepreneurship, media, politics, dating and so much more. At about 35 minutes each, Coffee with Dani is great for your morning drive to work, especially if you'll be stopping by Starbucks on your way.

Fat Mascara: For all of the women who wish beauty blogging was just a bit more 'educated' shall we say. There's no shame in the consumer perspective that beauty blogs offer, but Fat Mascara steps it up several notches by interviewing the likes of Beyonce's world tour makeup artist, the one and only Deborah Lippman, and a number of celebrity dermatologists. Also, did I mention that it's hosted by two beauty editors from Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire? While each episode would be great for your subway ride home after a long day, it's equally great to listen to while getting ready in the morning.

Material World: Every wondered how skinny jeans are single-handedly killing the fashion industry? Or how athleisure rose to popularity because of Title IX? Or you may have considered how current marijuana dispensaries feel about the impending federal legalization of Mary Jane? If not, you will now since Material World ventures into the social science of consumer goods and how small things can affect an industry/society in a subtle way (think: Miranda Priestly's speech about Andy's cerulean blue sweater). If you're ever carpooling, this is your best bet for 30 minutes of quality entertainment and approx. 20 minutes worth of perfect discussion material with your girlfriends/co-workers after you finish each episode.

Strong Opinions Loosely Held: While the topics covered during most episodes of Strong Opinions Loosely Held are on the more serious side each of the podcasts mentioned above, the 20-minute cap on each one makes it much less of a debate and more of a very creative discussion. Misogynistic dating and the alleged vocal fry of the Kardashians are talked about with the same degree of interest and education. So anytime you hop on your bike to head to the farmer's market or across town to meet up with a friend, derail your strongest opinions while pedaling your life away

Monocycle: Leandra and Co. have expertly produced two ultra Man Repeller-esque podcasts, but in my humble opinion Monocycle is the better of the two. In less than 15 minutes, Leandra digs deep into whatever topic she's feeling that day (creative burnout? the Paris terrorist attack? fashion week pretentiousness? yep!). As a college student Monocycle is incredibly convenient for my morning walk to class, but it's also a worthy choice for your lunchtime commute to and/or from your daily eatery of choice.