Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Style Envy: Alexa Chung

I still don't understand what Alexa Chung actually does with her career. I know she is a TV personality here and there, but in all honesty she has a stronger presence as an elusively employed It girl with a crazy good sense of style. Her mysteriousness is kind of why I love her so much. Her memoir It is one of my favorite books and her style is always something I can draw inspiration from. This summer, I've decided to embrace her tomboy chic aesthetic by pairing shapeless long sleeve tees with colored skirts, patterned button downs with Glastonbury-worthy hats, and sparkly dresses with worn out tennis shoes. As a bonus, her style can easily transition into fall without much effort. Long skirts are breezy enough for an eighty-five degree shopping day and warm enough for a sixty-eight degree lunch date at a local cafe. I also love that throughout her years as a style icon she has kept the same no nonsense hair style. She's been asked about her effortless locks a plethora of times and always responding with "it's natural!". But still, I appreciate the simplicity in her hair and beauty look that compliments her simplistically outrageous (oxymoron?) sense of style.