The DIY Choker

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Photo by Tamira Jarrel

Fashion always feels like an episode of Project Runway. You're flipping through a magazine or browsing a fashion blog and all you can think of is Heidi Klum saying "one day you're in and the next day you're out." Chokers are undoubtedly having a moment right now, but something tells me that in a month or so we won't be bound by satin clothes around our necks any longer. That's why there're infinitely easier and more cost effective ways to embrace the ought's (sans the Juicy sweatsuit comeback). One of my favorite YouTubers just did a video about her collection of amazing chokers (see above for proof of amazing-ness) and went through all of the different Etsy shops she purchased them from or where she got the DIY materials when applicable. As much as I love Rumi Neely's take on the choker, I couldn't fathom spending $70+ on a trendy neck chord. Etsy jewelers make equally as chic (but admittedly less luxe... but who needs a 24kt gold choker anyway?) versions for a tenth of the price, plus you get the ever-welcomed opportunity to support a small business.

The simplicity of a choker also makes it the easiest and cheapest DIY project known to man. I hate to even call it DIY because it's pretty much like tying your shoe... but even easier and much more chic. I'm partial to the minimalistic, black satin/leather chokers seen on Kendall Jenner, Tamira Jarrel, and in Rumi Neely's AYAI collection, so I bought three yards of black ribbon for fifty cents from a craft store and tied it around my neck. For a single, dark stripe around your neck all you need is 3/4 of a yard and the ability to tie a tiny bow behind your head. You can take it an extra step further, like me, and also buy a yard of "fancy" pale pink lace ribbon to wrap around your neck a couple of times to create a second, less edgy look for your new choker obsession. Whether handmade from an Etsy seller or a thrown together DIY from your kitchen table, I say "Embrace the choker!!" Lord knows we won't be able to for much longer.