Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dancing to the Beat of Summer's Drum

Every summer it seems like there are a dozen and one playlists with the "must-listen-to" songs of the best three months for the year. Olivia Crandall over at Hunt & Harvest has a knack for creating topnotch seasonal playlists, but no matter where I look I still feel like there's something missing. I'm the type of girl who still listens to the radio but also loves the alternative pop that shows up on iTune's $.69 list. There's always a gap between the completely off-kilter, underground music that only the best playlist curators seem to be able to find and the top 40 music that everyone somehow isn't tired of by the end of August. To fill that gap, I've created a short and sweet playlist of the songs I'll be playing in addition to all of the tried and true playlists already out there.

Photo source unknown