Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cherry + Mint + Rose

glossier, flavored balm dotcom, cherry, mint, rose, emily weiss, into the gloss
lip balms: Glossier

Glossier has yet again released another product that we didn't know we absolutely needed until it showed up on the Glossier website. Balm Dotcom has long been one of my favorite Glossier products, waning from #1 to #2 only when the boy brow was released and the winter weather started. My love for the original balm dotcom and the summer-turned-year-round specialty coconut flavor caused the unbearable excitement two weeks ago when Emily Weiss announced via Snapchat that there were three new flavors exclusively available. Within minutes, the flavored trio was in my cart and I was putting in my shipping information.

When they arrived, I took a whiff of each one and did a little trial run. At first, the only one I liked was Rose with both Mint and Cherry being vastly underwhelming. The Mint Balm Dotcom seemed practically identical to every peppermint Chapstick from back in the day. Likewise, the Cherry flavor was a little too reminiscent of the cherry filled balms of Lip Smackers. After a few more days of testing out each one, the Rose Balm Dotcom is definitely my favorite of all the Balm Dotcoms, including the original and coconut. And despite my original feelings, the considerably potent tint of Cherry is like having another Generation G which is perfect when you want that semi-natural look of red stained lips. The mint flavor is all you would expect, just with the bonus characteristics of Glossier's Balm Dotcom formula - one part refreshing, two parts moisturizing. Overall, unless you're in need of a new sheer red tint and a minty lip moisturizer I'd steer clear of the trio and opt for the clear winner: Rose.