Friday, June 24, 2016

A Fashionista's Reading List: Summer 2016

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Gone are the days when I spend summer's daylight playing with my friends at camp, yet somehow I seem to be enjoying summer more now than I did when I was an eight year old miniature human. Possibly because I've gotten back into the groove of blogging? Or because I can get a frozen strawberry lemonade without having to ask a counselor first? Or because I can appreciate laying around for hours on end with Real Housewives of New York playing in the background. Regardless of the reason, summer feels especially great this year and this season's Fashionista's Reading List shows it. The four books on this summer's list are more of the traditional fashion-y literary works you  know and love. The past few FRL have been much more lifestyle and far less fashion and style so summer 2016 is going back to the originals and having a parley fashion industry themed selection. But don't expect them to all be designer memoirs and branded style lookbooks because these fashionable books are even better than that.

Where's Karl is a fashion-forward parody of Where's Waldo. It features Karl Lagerfeld hidden among celebrities and fashion insiders at posh parties and crowded runway shows. Personally, this is a major upgrade from the new obsession of Mandela coloring books. Where's Karl is equal parts entertaining and challenging so you can take it with you on long road trips or when you want to relax after a busy day.

This book of poetry is not like any other poetry books you've come across. Each story speaks to a different part of your emotions. But that's not what makes it unique. The originality comes in the cassette inspired design of Side A and Side B, with Side A featuring each of the poems in full and Side B consisting of heavily redacted versions of every poem found on Side A revealing a new, deeper meaning in each piece.

The fourth installment in Tavi's uber-popular online magazine/blog. If you're unfamiliar with the Rookie Yearbook series, each edition is a zine-esque collection of original works from Tavi herself and the many women who contribute to the atmosphere that surrounds Rookie's culture. Yearbook Four promises to be just as inspiring in style, fashion, pop culture, and life as its three predecessors.

Women In This Town is a less refined, edgier version of the Satorialist's namesake book of yesteryear. This coffee table book highlights the influences of a city on personal style. As you travel around the globe from page to page you see the different women who exist on the streets of New York, Paris, Tokyo, Melbourne, London, and Madrid.