Tuesday, June 28, 2016

IFB Links a la Mode: Styled By Summer

Now that the start of summer is officially here, you’re really showing off some fantastic summer looks. Whether you’re ready to lounge by the pool, hit city streets or be wedding ready, this week’s posts span all that summer has to offer.
I particularly appreciated some low-key options which tend to be my jam, particularly when my summer is filled with chasing a toddler, eating ice cream and most importantly, working from home. You can’t go wrong with a good graphic tee, a great pair of leggings or new versions of classic stripes. But even though my personal style tends to fall on the low-key end of the spectrum – date night and wedding season attire posts are super inspirational to me, and have me ready to go shopping. I’m already counting down the days until the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Links a la Mode: June 23
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    Friday, June 24, 2016

    A Fashionista's Reading List: Summer 2016

    where's karl, karl lagerfeld, rookie yearbook four, tavi, women in this town, satorialist, street style, stuff I've been feeling lately
    Gone are the days when I spend summer's daylight playing with my friends at camp, yet somehow I seem to be enjoying summer more now than I did when I was an eight year old miniature human. Possibly because I've gotten back into the groove of blogging? Or because I can get a frozen strawberry lemonade without having to ask a counselor first? Or because I can appreciate laying around for hours on end with Real Housewives of New York playing in the background. Regardless of the reason, summer feels especially great this year and this season's Fashionista's Reading List shows it. The four books on this summer's list are more of the traditional fashion-y literary works you  know and love. The past few FRL have been much more lifestyle and far less fashion and style so summer 2016 is going back to the originals and having a parley fashion industry themed selection. But don't expect them to all be designer memoirs and branded style lookbooks because these fashionable books are even better than that.

    Where's Karl is a fashion-forward parody of Where's Waldo. It features Karl Lagerfeld hidden among celebrities and fashion insiders at posh parties and crowded runway shows. Personally, this is a major upgrade from the new obsession of Mandela coloring books. Where's Karl is equal parts entertaining and challenging so you can take it with you on long road trips or when you want to relax after a busy day.

    This book of poetry is not like any other poetry books you've come across. Each story speaks to a different part of your emotions. But that's not what makes it unique. The originality comes in the cassette inspired design of Side A and Side B, with Side A featuring each of the poems in full and Side B consisting of heavily redacted versions of every poem found on Side A revealing a new, deeper meaning in each piece.

    The fourth installment in Tavi's uber-popular online magazine/blog. If you're unfamiliar with the Rookie Yearbook series, each edition is a zine-esque collection of original works from Tavi herself and the many women who contribute to the atmosphere that surrounds Rookie's culture. Yearbook Four promises to be just as inspiring in style, fashion, pop culture, and life as its three predecessors.

    Women In This Town is a less refined, edgier version of the Satorialist's namesake book of yesteryear. This coffee table book highlights the influences of a city on personal style. As you travel around the globe from page to page you see the different women who exist on the streets of New York, Paris, Tokyo, Melbourne, London, and Madrid. 

    Tuesday, June 21, 2016

    What's New? // Daydream Prints

    daydream prints, nylon magazine, greeting cards, custom made, hand designed cards, stationery
    greeting cards: Daydream Prints c/o; {second photo by Daydream Prints}

    Last week I read an article on Man Repeller about millennials and brand loyalty. In the era of fast fashion and accessible trends, Gen Y/Gen Z was becoming more and more focused on the garment than the label. But now, after Gucci's notably anti-fast fashion runway show, it seems that we millennials are gravitating back towards the glories of brand loyalty. To say the least, I am overjoyed with the shift. From my earliest shopping days I have been inspired by brand loyalty and feeling like I was a self-appointed ambassador of my favorite brands. Nowadays, instead of casually explaining to my friends that I only buy [insert brand name] sunglasses or [insert another brand name] t-shirts I can wax poetic about my favorite companies by writing about them on this little ol' blog. Daydream Prints recently released its new collection of greeting cards and bridal accessories so I'm going to take a minute and partake in the newest trend of brand loyalty by rambling about one of my favorite stationary companies.

    I send an overwhelming amount of snail mail for someone who barely knows what life was like pre-internet. Throughout high school I communicated with my best friends via stationary and parchment paper despite having a cellphone. In elementary school, I regressed from texting to emailing which, now that I think about it, is very weird for a 10 year old to do. And now, almost 10 years later I've regressed even further, forgoing the instantaneous iMessage for the extraordinary world of greeting cards. Daydream Prints's greeting cards range from water colored condolences to poetic love notes as well as new designs featuring beachy palm leaves and sisterhood quotes that I can only imagine would be great for Big-Little/Sorority Sister events in the fall. I already have an array of hand designed Christmas cards from Daydream Prints, and I have been obsessed with their Love Letter greeting cards since day one. Now that there's even more styles to choose from I really love the "Find Your Tribe" design that was just released as well as the simple Happy Birthday w/Hugs and Kisses and Thank You cards that were released earlier this year. Some of them are a little too pretty to send away, but the sentiment is still there. If nothing else, each card serves a convenient art print that would look really pretty over my (your?) work desk. There are so many patterns available so in the day and age when digital communication is the only way people communicate, do a real life throwback and order a few Daydream Prints greeting cards to send to your family and/or friends for that special occasion. Or, ya know, just buy a couple for your viewing pleasure.

    Friday, June 17, 2016

    The DIY Choker

    diy, tamira jarrel, chokers, trendy, youtube, ayai
    Photo by Tamira Jarrel

    Fashion always feels like an episode of Project Runway. You're flipping through a magazine or browsing a fashion blog and all you can think of is Heidi Klum saying "one day you're in and the next day you're out." Chokers are undoubtedly having a moment right now, but something tells me that in a month or so we won't be bound by satin clothes around our necks any longer. That's why there're infinitely easier and more cost effective ways to embrace the ought's (sans the Juicy sweatsuit comeback). One of my favorite YouTubers just did a video about her collection of amazing chokers (see above for proof of amazing-ness) and went through all of the different Etsy shops she purchased them from or where she got the DIY materials when applicable. As much as I love Rumi Neely's take on the choker, I couldn't fathom spending $70+ on a trendy neck chord. Etsy jewelers make equally as chic (but admittedly less luxe... but who needs a 24kt gold choker anyway?) versions for a tenth of the price, plus you get the ever-welcomed opportunity to support a small business.

    The simplicity of a choker also makes it the easiest and cheapest DIY project known to man. I hate to even call it DIY because it's pretty much like tying your shoe... but even easier and much more chic. I'm partial to the minimalistic, black satin/leather chokers seen on Kendall Jenner, Tamira Jarrel, and in Rumi Neely's AYAI collection, so I bought three yards of black ribbon for fifty cents from a craft store and tied it around my neck. For a single, dark stripe around your neck all you need is 3/4 of a yard and the ability to tie a tiny bow behind your head. You can take it an extra step further, like me, and also buy a yard of "fancy" pale pink lace ribbon to wrap around your neck a couple of times to create a second, less edgy look for your new choker obsession. Whether handmade from an Etsy seller or a thrown together DIY from your kitchen table, I say "Embrace the choker!!" Lord knows we won't be able to for much longer.

    Tuesday, June 14, 2016

    Dancing to the Beat of Summer's Drum

    Every summer it seems like there are a dozen and one playlists with the "must-listen-to" songs of the best three months for the year. Olivia Crandall over at Hunt & Harvest has a knack for creating topnotch seasonal playlists, but no matter where I look I still feel like there's something missing. I'm the type of girl who still listens to the radio but also loves the alternative pop that shows up on iTune's $.69 list. There's always a gap between the completely off-kilter, underground music that only the best playlist curators seem to be able to find and the top 40 music that everyone somehow isn't tired of by the end of August. To fill that gap, I've created a short and sweet playlist of the songs I'll be playing in addition to all of the tried and true playlists already out there.

    Photo source unknown

    Tuesday, June 7, 2016

    Cherry + Mint + Rose

    glossier, flavored balm dotcom, cherry, mint, rose, emily weiss, into the gloss
    lip balms: Glossier

    Glossier has yet again released another product that we didn't know we absolutely needed until it showed up on the Glossier website. Balm Dotcom has long been one of my favorite Glossier products, waning from #1 to #2 only when the boy brow was released and the winter weather started. My love for the original balm dotcom and the summer-turned-year-round specialty coconut flavor caused the unbearable excitement two weeks ago when Emily Weiss announced via Snapchat that there were three new flavors exclusively available. Within minutes, the flavored trio was in my cart and I was putting in my shipping information.

    When they arrived, I took a whiff of each one and did a little trial run. At first, the only one I liked was Rose with both Mint and Cherry being vastly underwhelming. The Mint Balm Dotcom seemed practically identical to every peppermint Chapstick from back in the day. Likewise, the Cherry flavor was a little too reminiscent of the cherry filled balms of Lip Smackers. After a few more days of testing out each one, the Rose Balm Dotcom is definitely my favorite of all the Balm Dotcoms, including the original and coconut. And despite my original feelings, the considerably potent tint of Cherry is like having another Generation G which is perfect when you want that semi-natural look of red stained lips. The mint flavor is all you would expect, just with the bonus characteristics of Glossier's Balm Dotcom formula - one part refreshing, two parts moisturizing. Overall, unless you're in need of a new sheer red tint and a minty lip moisturizer I'd steer clear of the trio and opt for the clear winner: Rose.

    Friday, June 3, 2016

    The Film Festival Experience

    governor's ball, cannes film festival, coachella, music festivals are dead, film festivals, music festivals

    After watching Zoella's vlogs from Cannes a couple of years ago, one of my most unreasonable dreams is to one day go to the Cannes Film Festival. Luckily, even though I didn't get to jetset to France for this year's festivities, I got to participate in the Nashville Film Festival and absolutely loved the experience. I only saw two features -- one full length film and one series of shorts -- but I got to spend quite a bit of time in the VIP tent and saw a handful of red carpet interviews that were pretty entertaining. I felt like a classic zine-reading fashion-obsessed artsy girl every second I was there. When you're at a film festival the popcorn tastes better, the theatre seats feel more comfortable, and the movie goers are more passionate. To say the least: amidst all the rave around music festivals, I've fallen in love with film festivals.

    The feature film I saw was Demimonde, a Hungarian drama about a prostitute and the people who surround her which, despite there not being an ounce of English (subtitles are God's gift to mankind), has become one of my favorite movies. Originally Demimonde felt reminiscent of The Grand Budapest Hotel (one of my favorite movies of all time). The muted color palette and mix of experienced emotions throughout the two hours can easily be likened to Wes Anderson's style of film making, but that's just about where the similarities end. Demimonde was beautiful and intrinsic in its own unique right. But regardless of which movie I saw, the experience of attending a film festival is one every self-proclaimed alt girl should pursue. From dramatic to hilarious, there's every type of film imaginable so that every fleeting mood can be satisfied. Unlike Cannes, most film festivals (including Nashville's) don't require black tie attire and a secured ticket 3 months in advance. Plus, the affordable pricing of film festival movie tickets make music festival seem as reasonably priced as a customized Ferrari. The life of an artistic soul can only be made more exciting by a week at a film festival. While the weekends of music festival shenanigans fall out of style, I suggest you jump on the film festival bandwagon and do so soon.
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