Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The New Bicyclette

Studio Bicyclette, Bicyclette Boutique, Queen St. West, Queen Street West, Paige, Stock Photos

Despite never having visited Queen St. West in Toronto, Bicyclette Boutique was one of my favorite stores. The Bicyclette website was a certain type of whimsical chic that I love and from all of the photographs I've seen, the store interior had an aesthetic I could only dream of embodying. But now that Bicyclette Boutique has closed, Paige has gone in a new equally whimsical direction creating Studio Bicyclette. This new incarnation of the Bicyclette brand features blog posts, styled shoots, career advice, and a collection of stock photos available to her newsletter subscribers. Paige is an incredibly talented artistic mind and everything she produces is gold. Even if you're not a huge fan of sparkling outfit posts with the pastel wall backdrops, Studio Bicyclette is a blogger brand that has a little bit of everything for running an aesthetically pleasing, functional blog. Perusing the Studio Bicyclette site, you'll find an earl grey macaron recipe right next to an article about the best website layout design followed by a blog post discussing self-love. For those of you who do love the whimsical and the practical there's a good mix of  fashion/lifestyle posts and blogging/branding content that you can't get anywhere else. Studio Bicyclette is pretty much the universal brand of what Bicyclette Boutique was on Queen St. West. An even though I'm sad that one project must come to an end, I am more than excited that there's something new for those of us who absolutely love the Bicyclette brand.

Original photograph by Studio Bicyclette