Friday, May 20, 2016

3 Recipes Created and Cooked By Bloggers To Try This Weekend

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After spending my freshman year in a dorm, I am a little grateful for the opportunity to be able to make my own food again. I miss my meal plan every day, but sometimes creating something in the kitchen all by yourself can be refreshing. Unfortunately, most days I lack the basic skills required to make a decent meal. Still, my goal is to try at least three new recipes this summer to have in my arsenal for adulthood. Instead of browsing Pinterest to find my lucky three, I dug deep into the archives of some of my favorite blogs who have posted some delicious looking recipes in the past. After my days of searching I found the perfect three, all with varying levels of difficulty: a taco dish, a cleansing juice, and a lunch time quiche.

1) Studio Bicyclette -- Shrimp and Blackened Fish Tacos w/Coconut Coleslaw & Mango Salsa
Dishes with long names intimidate me, but I love tacos and fruit salsa is one of my favorite things in the world (my mother gifted me pineapple salsa for graduation, if that tells you how much I love it...). There are quite a few ingredients so I'd suggest heading to the store before embarking on this delicious journey.

2) Loser Girl Wins -- Kiwi Grapple Juice
This recipe is pretty simple with just kiwis, grapes, and apples. The great thing about juices is that you typically already have the fruit you need in your house and if you don't have a juicer (or aren't an expert hand juicer) you can throw them into the blender with yogurt or ice for a thicker, creamier smoothie version.

3) Hunt & Harvest -- Asparagus, Squash, and Feta Quiche
Hunt & Harvest can technically be considered a food blog even though she posts pretty great, snarky lifestyle posts every now and then. This recipe is one of the many, many, maanny recipes she has on her blog and is perfect for when you want a good, classic meal for a quick lunch or light dinner. Technically, it can also be used as a breakfast quiche, but I prefer my morning incarnations with some combination of cheddar cheese and bacon.