Friday, May 27, 2016's Fall 2016 Collection

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First things first: open your Snapchat app right now and follow @SnapBando. Today they live snapped their entire photo shoot with sneak peeks of all the new products that will be released come late July/early August. Though I wasn't able to get full pictures of all the exciting goodies, I can definitely tell you what to expect when has the big release.

The usual will be available in its new variable of prints: mini notebooks, pen sets, thermal mugs, tumblers, and pencil cases. They've already released a brand new version of the sticky note set and sticker book plus there will be a newer set of the recently released file folders. But the exciting part is that 1) the new prints are gorgeous. I wasn't a huge fan of this last release (the florabunda and small doodle-y girly things print were less than desirable for me) so I'm loving the new set of Lady of Leisure (the pink floral print found on the newest agendas) and a curiously named Disco print that is made up of minimalist black and white part-striped part-checkered pattern. 2) There are so many new products coming out! The girlgang is adding to your office/school supplies collection with a brand new set of full sized notebooks, backpacks, a wall calendar, and lunch "boxes" to add to their brand new collection of tape (which I am in love with and can't wait to get), colored pens, and insane number of new agenda cover patterns. Let's just say there is more than one reason why lovers should be super excited for August 1st.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pinspiration: Of House and Home

home decor, interior design, pinterest, chic, minimalist
home decor, interior design, pinterest, chic, minimalist

Here we are again with another Pinspiration post. I feel like I rarely do these anymore and long for the summer days when I spent most of my waking hours lying in my bed scrolling through hundreds upon hundreds of pictures. Despite not having a house or apartment of my own my "Of House and Home" Pin board has consistently been one of my favorites. Pink, plush cushions, walls of perfectly aligned clothing, and over-organized desk layouts fill "Of House and Home" bringing a false sense of adult-level chicness. One of my hopes and dreams is to have beautiful interiors in my house when I choose to settle down and live in a long term house. But I don't want the traditional beautiful home. As you would suspect after seeing my Pins, I want colorful walls with modern art hanging from them above a gigantic, chic couch. I would love to have a home for entertaining -- more so girls night get-togethers than gala-esque dinner parties. With a home that has the flavor of a twenty year old, but the feeling of a tried and true adult, my partying dreams would come true. But until those can actually come to fruition, I'll be here in my dorm room adding more and more to my "Of House and Home" board hoping to fall in love with more interior design ideas.

Friday, May 20, 2016

3 Recipes Created and Cooked By Bloggers To Try This Weekend

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After spending my freshman year in a dorm, I am a little grateful for the opportunity to be able to make my own food again. I miss my meal plan every day, but sometimes creating something in the kitchen all by yourself can be refreshing. Unfortunately, most days I lack the basic skills required to make a decent meal. Still, my goal is to try at least three new recipes this summer to have in my arsenal for adulthood. Instead of browsing Pinterest to find my lucky three, I dug deep into the archives of some of my favorite blogs who have posted some delicious looking recipes in the past. After my days of searching I found the perfect three, all with varying levels of difficulty: a taco dish, a cleansing juice, and a lunch time quiche.

1) Studio Bicyclette -- Shrimp and Blackened Fish Tacos w/Coconut Coleslaw & Mango Salsa
Dishes with long names intimidate me, but I love tacos and fruit salsa is one of my favorite things in the world (my mother gifted me pineapple salsa for graduation, if that tells you how much I love it...). There are quite a few ingredients so I'd suggest heading to the store before embarking on this delicious journey.

2) Loser Girl Wins -- Kiwi Grapple Juice
This recipe is pretty simple with just kiwis, grapes, and apples. The great thing about juices is that you typically already have the fruit you need in your house and if you don't have a juicer (or aren't an expert hand juicer) you can throw them into the blender with yogurt or ice for a thicker, creamier smoothie version.

3) Hunt & Harvest -- Asparagus, Squash, and Feta Quiche
Hunt & Harvest can technically be considered a food blog even though she posts pretty great, snarky lifestyle posts every now and then. This recipe is one of the many, many, maanny recipes she has on her blog and is perfect for when you want a good, classic meal for a quick lunch or light dinner. Technically, it can also be used as a breakfast quiche, but I prefer my morning incarnations with some combination of cheddar cheese and bacon.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Luxurious Leggings | Girlfriend Collective

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leggings: Girlfriend Collective

I'm usually a little skeptical about things that claim to be high quality but are being given away for free. I rarely get sucked into the free gift with purchase deals at department stores ,and when people are handing out items in front of little boutiques, I always think twice before grabbing it. I love free stuff just as much as the next person, but I'm also aware of what it takes to create quality and that, my friends, is not cheap.

However, this time I took the bate. Girlfriend Collective has run through the typical fashion media circuit by appearing on Refinery29,, and a handful of other major websites "advertising" its free leggings. Yes. Luxury leggings that they are giving away FOR FREE. Now there's a catch, obviously, but it's not like the ones you usually come across. Girlfriend Collective is a brand new luxury loungewear brand that wants to get its name out there, so instead of going the normal route (make product, sell product, pay a few bloggers to write a review, etc.) the co-founders decided to go a different route. They are offering their first batch of leggings to the general public for free and all you have to pay is shipping and handling. The shipping and handling prices are atrocious ($19.99 is extreme for ANY product from anywhere in the world), but the leggings are completely made of recycled material and are entirely designed by the Girlfriend Collective startup team. Due to the overwhelming amount of orders (again: everybody loves free stuff), the first batch has been backdated for delivery in August. I'm not particularly crazy about leggings, but I do love loungewear so you can expect to see me in my GC leggings everyday once August rolls around.

Photo from Girlfriend Collective

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The New Bicyclette

Studio Bicyclette, Bicyclette Boutique, Queen St. West, Queen Street West, Paige, Stock Photos

Despite never having visited Queen St. West in Toronto, Bicyclette Boutique was one of my favorite stores. The Bicyclette website was a certain type of whimsical chic that I love and from all of the photographs I've seen, the store interior had an aesthetic I could only dream of embodying. But now that Bicyclette Boutique has closed, Paige has gone in a new equally whimsical direction creating Studio Bicyclette. This new incarnation of the Bicyclette brand features blog posts, styled shoots, career advice, and a collection of stock photos available to her newsletter subscribers. Paige is an incredibly talented artistic mind and everything she produces is gold. Even if you're not a huge fan of sparkling outfit posts with the pastel wall backdrops, Studio Bicyclette is a blogger brand that has a little bit of everything for running an aesthetically pleasing, functional blog. Perusing the Studio Bicyclette site, you'll find an earl grey macaron recipe right next to an article about the best website layout design followed by a blog post discussing self-love. For those of you who do love the whimsical and the practical there's a good mix of  fashion/lifestyle posts and blogging/branding content that you can't get anywhere else. Studio Bicyclette is pretty much the universal brand of what Bicyclette Boutique was on Queen St. West. An even though I'm sad that one project must come to an end, I am more than excited that there's something new for those of us who absolutely love the Bicyclette brand.

Original photograph by Studio Bicyclette
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