Tuesday, April 26, 2016

...Makeup Second

glossier, boy brow, phase 2, stretch concealer, generation g, like, review, into the gloss
glossier, emily weiss, phase 2, stretch concealer, review, into the gloss
glossier, boy brow, phase 2, stretch concealer, generation g, like, review, into the gloss

makeup: Glossier - Stretch Concealer in Rich, Boy Brow in Black and Generation G in Like

The long awaited Glossier Phase 2 has arrived and though I was a little disappointed in the small number of products, I was more than happy with the results of each one. Quality over quality, right? Glossier technically only released two new products for the Phase 2 kit since the Boy Brow became available in October. I wrote a review of all of Glossier's products in January and Boy Brow was most definitely my favorite product. Now I'm going to add to the mayhem and give a little insight into my experiences with the Stretch Concealer and Generation G. Though this can undoubtedly be considered Glossier's makeup line, the Stretch Concealer and Generation G are not quite what one would consider makeup. In true Glossier fashion, they perform more like an extra skin rather than a thick layer and feel more like skin enhancers than cover-ups. Phase 2 comfortably straddles the line between makeup and skincare; the perfect thing for the no-makeup makeup that so many of us seem to enjoy.

Stretch Concealer $18 (4 out of 5 stars): After reading about the disappointment so many people faced when using the ultra-sheer Perfecting Skin Tint for the first time, I was worried that I would have the same issue with the Stretch Concealer. Not the case. The coverage is on par for a concealer and it is extremely buildable, and once you put it on it feels practically invisible. The one thing that docked it from five stars to four is the color matching (or lack thereof) between the Stretch Concealer and the Perfecting Skin Tint. Both products share the Light/Medium/Dark/Deep/Rich naming system for each shade to make pairing your skin tint with your concealer a breeze, yet my tube of Perfecting Skin Tint is a completely different shade than my Stretch Concealer despite them both being in the same shade (Rich). The concealer is noticeable lighter and has to be thoroughly blended to create a no-makeup makeup look which is a minor inconvenience when you're trying to do your entire face of makeup in five minutes or less. 

Generation G $18 (2 1/2 out of 5 stars): As a light pink lipstick fanatic I was sooo excited when I saw that Glossier came out with a lipstick in a beautiful, sheer, pale pink color. However, after using it not once, not twice, but seven different times without a noticeable difference in the color of my lips I deemed the Generation G lipstick in Like a complete rip off. Luckily, I didn't completely give up (why would I, though?? Its $18 lipstick!) and alas, I realized the mistake I had been making. Generation G is a typical Glossier product in that it's ultra sheer... like Skin Tint level sheer. And with my naturally dark lips to see any pigment from Generation G I had to properly prime my lips and apply several layers before even an ounce of product became noticeable. Now that I can actually see it, the color is really nice and demure. However, the ridiculous amount of extra effort I have to put in because I'm not the stereotypical, light-lipped (aka white) Glossier customer puts Gen G in Like at a solid two and a half stars out of five.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Blogger Confessions VIII: What Happens When Your Favorite Blogger Takes A Break

Blogger Confessions: What Happens When our Favorite Blogger Takes A Break | A Glamorous Revelation Blog

I guess everyone has their collage of bloggers that blend together to create the perfect cocktail of online content. Like most people, my roundup contains a mix of just-starting-out, up-and-coming, and well-established bloggers alike. But the problem that can arise is one that I've been dealing with for what seems like forever: the just-starting-out and up-and-comers have dropped off the face of the earth. Of course I still get my daily doses of Emily Schuman and Leandra Medine, but that's because they both run million dollar blogs (literally!) and won't just up and leave the blogging world without something up their sleeve. What about all of the others, though? I looovved Adorned in Armor, In The Grey, Two Thirds HazelBrass Honey and Loser Girl Wins. But they all seemed to vaporize without any explanation and I was left feeling a little lost with what to do in terms of blogger inspiration.

Both sides of this dilemma existed for me; as I was losing so much of the inspiration I got from my favorite bloggers, I was also contributing to the problem by embarking on a gruelingly long unannounced hiatus. The very thing that I was sad about with my favorite bloggers, I was doing to all of the people who read my blog. I watched my viewership trickle down until it was almost nonexistent (hello, to the five of you who are still left reading this desolate place I like to call my blog). I don't want to call it burnout because that's not what this mass absence really is. This conundrum is just life -- life gets in the way sometimes. Though I am not 100% sure, I think it's safe to say that none of my (or your) favorite blogs are gone forever. Statistically once you get past the 6-12 month markm there are high hopes for a blog making the long haul. So all of this is just a result of life and priorities and responsibilities that come before the blog world. That means that for me and those of you whose beloved blogs have stopped producing the constant content you've become accustomed to, we just have to wait... wait for when life settles down and we all get to be a part of this enormous community we've all come to love.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Pinspiration: Fabu-luxe Dresses & One Pieces

Now that I'm in college, I can 't imagine wearing a dress to class every day. In high school jeans and leggings were off limits except on Tuesdays and Fridays. Now it's a miracle if I look more than decent twice in one month. That doesn't mean I don't still like finding the prettiest one pieces when I go shopping. There is a certain ease that goes along with rompers and dresses that you just can't get from any leggings and t-shirt pairing. These dresses range from the over-the-top beading gems of the 1920's to the classic peter pan collared schoolgirl dress. Mid-thigh to just-below-the-knee length dresses and rompers tend to be the most flattering for my shape and style, but I can still appreciate the beauty of long flowing lace gowns. The one of the best things about dresses is that they can come in sooo many different styles that finding something to fit your ever-changing mood isn't hard. Whether it be a fanciful back seam or minimalistic scalloped trim, there's something for ever state of being.
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