Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mastering the Basics

free people, tank top, sale, spring, mock me, LA nite tank

free people, tank top, sale, spring, mock me, LA nite tank
 sequin hangers: (purple and light pink) Pearls  Pastries,(brown and dark pink) DIY; 
tank tops: Free People

As much as I love to keep all of my purchases within the small business market, sometimes there are just some big business things I can't resist. I am still a little too ashamed to fully acknowledge my last Forever21 shopping trip, but my recent obsession with Free People's LA Nite Tanks is 100% completely and totally unapologetic. It all started out with my usual weekly trip to one of my favorite local shops during Christmas break. After walking in twenty minutes before closing and trying on several outfits that I didn't end up liking, I felt bad leaving without buying anything. After a quick final sweep, I found the Free People intimates section and grabbed a grey LA Nite Tank and took it to the register. Since then I've been on the hunt for them in every color in a child-like attempt to "collect them all". So far I've got grey, light blue, and a pale pink as well as the black version of the Mock Me Tank which I mistakenly bought thinking it was an LA Nite. The fit of both styles is uber-flattering. They both come in so many colors that finding one that you like shouldn't be hard. Plus they are only $20 each which, by Free People standards, is practically free ninety-nine. And to add to all of that, despite Free People's status as a major brand, its products are proudly Made In The U.S. and properly sourced. So purchasing each tank in your favorite colors can contribute to the backbone of your wardrobe (I wear at least two a week) and create an effortless style that's basic in all the best ways.